1. ryanm says

    a poor, non-white, gay, female, non-Anglo-Saxon, atheist President actually sounds pretty refreshing. At least Obama is a step in the right direction..

  2. says

    You know, if there was a nice withdrawal plan, a decent idea for universal health care and s/he wasn’t a complete douchebag, (and if I was American) I’d be ready for a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eating president.

  3. raven says

    A female or half black potential president doesn’t bother me in the least. At this point in time, Barney the purple dinosaur, Kermit the green frog, or the Cat in the Hat would be acceptable.

  4. says

    I second ryanm’s comment…the US could really use a change.

    OT, so feel free to edit this part out…What the hell kind of poll is this? They seem to have left an option out: “Maybe those people have the same right to purchase things as anyone else?”

  5. Julian says

    I’d settle for an undead president. What we really need to do is raise Theodore Roosevelt from the dead so someone can tell these corps to blow it out their rears and deal with the U.S. having the same kind of health coverage that every other modern nation enjoys. I doubt the Philippines or Japan would be too comfortable with that, though.

  6. Mercurious says

    Actually you can crash that one Ryanm. Delete the cookie folder “” then hit refresh at the bottom of the poll.

  7. Sili says


    I went for “It’s an affluent market”. Most cretins are greedy bastards after all.

  8. craig says

    Well, “Do not value pro family business” is probably the best answer, considering that in this case “pro family” is a synonym for bigoted, hateful theocrats.

  9. Scott D. says

    I’d expect to see that poll at the Onion. I’m surprised “because they hate America” or “because they support the terrorists” aren’t options.

  10. says

    Roy Zimmerman is the bomb, he’s got a lot of stuff on youTube, all gems.

    PATRICIA You call yourself a proper slut???
    HAH! Behold the FLOOZY !!

    Praise BoB


    New Atheists for Dummies part 3, w/ Sam Harris

    Including Yoo on the Grill: a collection of Phayngula one liners

    The Combat Vet speaks to torture: also from here
    Condi and Dick celebrate the 4th
    Frank Zappa, Garcia, and Cyberzen Sound Engine

    Thanks for all the Fish!

    ….and Calamari


  11. uncle frogy says

    from the right side of the
    “If the influence of universalism upon the church continues, there will be no Christian influence of any consequence in America in 25 years.”

    one can only hope!

    what the hell is “unversalism anyway?

  12. Susan says

    Roy Z is the best; I’ve seen him in concert many times and he’s so prolific that he’s always got new songs. “Jerry Falwell’s God” is one of my enduring favorites. He stopped playing it for awhile because he thought folks had forgotten who Jerry Falwell was, but he’s added it back to the set-list, thankfully.

  13. Bill Dauphin says

    Odd: I subscribe to Roy Z’s YouTube channel, but had not gotten notified of this one.

    I did, however, get notified of this not-unrelated ditty last week.

    As an aside: Is is possible/acceptable to embed YouTube in these comments, rather than just linking? I haven’t tried it because I wasn’t sure how welcome embeds would be.

  14. --PatF in Madison says

    Uncle Froggy @ #17:

    Universalism is probably one of the few religions people on this blog could stand. It holds that there will be universal salvation from a loving god no matter what you have done in this world. Thus you and I and PZ will be saved by the Universalist god. (I am sure that this will be all to the good.)

    The down side, of course, is that Jesse Helms will also be saved. Not so sure I like the idea of that.

    There is a decent article on Universalism in Wikipedia if you are interested.

    I think the point behind the ONENEWSNOW comment is that, if Universalism gains influence, the right wing will not be able to threaten people with everlasting torment in fire and brimstone. Fear of everlasting torment is one of their main ways of keeping control over their followers and this says quite a bit about those scum.

  15. --PatF in Madison says

    One more post about onenewsnow.

    These guys are truly cdesign proponentsists. They have an AP newsfeed to their site but, when the news comes in they have an autoreplace mechanism that changes words they don’t like to ones they do.

    For example, the phrase “Democratic Party” is always changed to “Democrat Party.”

    The word “Gay” is always changed to “Homosexual.”

    OK. Got that?

    Well, Tyson Gay won the 100 meters at the Olympic Trials. Wanna guess what showed up on their web site?

    Yup. “Tyson Homosexual easily won his semifinal for the 100 meters…”

    There is a screen capture of the headline at

    Sometimes I think the USA will survive simply because the enemies of freedom are just so damned stupid.