There are many of us here who deserve to read this

Are you an elitist bastard? I know I am! If you’re like me, then, you’ll appreciate a whole collection of unabashedly elitist, thoroughly bastardly sneers and tirades in the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards #2. Revel in it, you smug scoundrels.

And hey, I’m helming this carnival at the end of July, so send me your broadsides. If they meet my arrogantly high standards, they might make it into the next edition. All I ask is that you take your inspiration from Lord Flashheart, and do it with a bang.

If you’re really, really good, you might also volunteer to run one yourself. They’ve got a lot of empty slots in their calendar, no doubt because supremely elitist bastards are rare and hard to come by.


  1. says

    I’m not sure I count as an elitist bastard, my wife tells my I can be an arrogant jerk. Is that close enough? I’d like to think I’m a Lord Flashheart but I deeply fear I come across as a Baldric.

  2. Holbach says

    Black Adder would be a great addition to Pharyngula! I can imagine the choice remarks slathered to Kenny, Byers and their ilk. If he were to appear here, I think a name change would be appropriate: Death Adder!

  3. azqaz says

    Oh, aye. I am an elitist bastard myself. I believe that people should be trained and knowledgeable in the field they practice or pontificate upon. That doesn’t mean you can’t hold an opinion on some topic or engage in discussions on things, but those with actual knowledge should, and do in my opinion, have greater weight. There is great reason why I would be much more likely to follow the suggestions of my M.D. over those of my mentally retarded 22 year old niece concerning my health.

    p.s. She isn’t actually retarded, just willfully ignorant, but I prefer the illusion that her beliefs are beyond her control. Less mental anguish when she says something loony.

  4. Will Von Wizzlepig says

    Ha! I thought I recognized him- Lord Flashheart is none other than Rick, “The People’s Poet”, from “the Young Ones”.

  5. Kenny P says

    My friend Pam said, “You’re an idiot savant, but I am not so sure about the savant part.”

    So, I guess I don’t qualify as an elitist bastard.

  6. Patricia says

    #15 – Almost all of the Black Adder series is up on YouTube. I go over there all the time and have Stephen Fry feasts. Yesterday I watched one of his game show episodes that featured a new word “Bumgang” which turns out to be some African tribes word for ‘thank you’. It was hilarious!

  7. bladesman says

    OMG, my favourite character from my favourite comedy series in my favourite science blog! Nirvana!

    I still think Flashy Mark 2 from Blackadder Goes Forth is funnier though.

    “Always treat your kite like you treat your woman. Get inside her five times a day and take her to heaven and back!”