1. Pierre says

    If I could, I’d nominate Richard Lenski. Too bad
    that what I enjoyed about his writing was not actually
    from a post here on Pharyngula.

    By the way, PZ, I still think there’s a small mistake
    in the second colored diagram of your post “Basics: synteny”.
    See me comments there.

  2. clinteas says

    Before I vote : Where is Etha Williams,OM ???? U ok babe??

    I like Nick Gotts,windy always has good comments,Kseniya is a legend of course,and my fellow aussie Wowbagger makes a lot of sense too most of the time ! So there lol…

  3. MH says

    clinteas #7 “Before I vote : Where is Etha Williams,OM ???? U ok babe??”

    It’s the curse of the Molly! We seemed to have lost broken soldier, too! Or maybe, it being summer, everyone’s on holiday?

    My nomination is for negentropyeater.

  4. Laura says

    Speaking of Molly Awards, the Texas Observer gave out its second Molly journalism prize this past June. Guests received WWMD? bracelets, which, I understand, the Observer is selling for $5 a pop, if anyone just has to have one.

  5. says

    I must break with the current consensus and submit a minority vote (although Windy is more than worthy and Nick Gotts is a good read and Dr. Lenski is only too, too deserving).

    Traffic Demon
    for sheer poetry and a stunning command of the language in the face of utter pomposity. (In Which I Have Hurt Ken Ham’s Feelings, post 158)

    with honorable mention for Kerovan (same thread, post 192) and the quote from the Ultimate Flame.

  6. Nick Gotts says

    Many worthy commenters – among those who haven’t won one already, I can’t decide between frog, SC, negentropyeater

  7. clinteas says

    @ ThirtyFiveUp :

    Thats : DNA of famous clever scientist for Bride of Shrek.
    Fixed that for you…:-)
    (Since she doesnt want mine LOL)

  8. says

    For weeks now, I’ve thought that windy deserved recognition for a level-headed discussion about the evolution-of-altruism question, and in particular for pointing to the literature which argues that (some of the things called) group selection are mathematically equivalent to (some of the things called) kin selection. (OK, so I think the theoretical ecologists made the point more clearly, but still, I appreciate the references.) So, yes: a Molly for windy!

    We also need an Honored Guest award of some kind, the first two recipients of which are Peter Irons and Richard Lenski.

  9. protocol says

    Oops I should not have said second; it’s a vote then for Nick Gotts or Frog

  10. Owlmirror says

    There’s been lots of good comments and commenters, some by newcomers, some by those already of the Order…

    But windy is overdue for induction, for comments both witty and wise.

  11. Logicel says

    PZ Myers. Myers does not comment much, but when he does he often and in a most uncanny way elucidates and drives home the point a Pharyngula post is making. It is quite amazing!

  12. speedwell says

    Bride of Shrek, definitely. I always catch myself nodding at her posts even when I don’t agree! (Not nodding off… just nodding like “Yeah, yeah, I can see that.”) And frequently entertaining, too. And intelligent! We should all be so intelligent!

  13. Grendels Dad says

    I would second a nomination for either Bride of Shrek or Windy. They have made some great comments.

    I would also add Paul W to the list. He has had a couple comments lately that expressed with wit and eloquence what I had been thinking.

  14. SC says

    How nice to see so many people being recognized. I keep thinking “Oh, yeah, I love her comments! Hers, too!”

    Grendels Dad – I agree. Paul W. deserves a special mention for intelligence and civility (especially on the “Sorry, Vox,…” thread) and, more recently, chivalry :).

  15. maxi says

    I think Bride of Shrek deserves it for consistently witty and intelligent posts.

  16. Sastra says

    First of all, I’ll join the windy bandwagon. I’ve voted for her several times recently, anyway. A good pick, well deserved.

    And, a second choice: I’ve been reading Pharyngula for years, and a long time ago there was someone whose comments I secretly saved once or twice. Erudite and eloquent, he seemed to have disappeared by the time the Molly came along, though he was the first commenter I thought of.

    But he is back now.

    Paul W.

  17. clinteas says

    before anyone gets upset,Neg was referring to the result of the European Soccer final,which was,shall we say,disappointing from a German perspective LOL.
    And I thought you were French Sir !!

  18. negentropyeater says

    They played very well…
    and I live in Spain, so right now, it’s kind of difficult to forget that they won with the noise and fireworks that are exploding all over the city ;-)

  19. bybelknap, FCD says

    Gah! How did this get on to Euro 2008!? I tivo’d it to watch later and have been avoiding news of it and I find out the winner HERE?! GAH!!! I hate you guys!

  20. Wowbagger says

    I’m honoured to be nominated.

    First nominations from me goes to Bride of Shrek for her humour and for helping Queenslanders everywhere to fight the negative publicity attracted to our home state by that idiot Ken Ham.

    Second goes to Kseniya for combining awe-inspiring knowledge, vicious invective and Shaksepeare to vanquish trolls.

  21. Longtime Lurker says

    I think it should go to Emmet Caulfield. I am still laughing my ass off at his “abbatoir for lettuce” comment, and that was weeks ago.

  22. Julie Stahlhut says

    I think Dr. Lenski should be considered for, at the very least, a special or honorary Molly.

  23. Patricia says

    The smoking cross trophy should go to Holbach for leaving no christian uncrucified.

  24. pcarini says

    The smoking cross trophy should go to Holbach for leaving no christian uncrucified.

    Perhaps the “Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition” award, I’ve seen as many false positives from him as solid hits…

  25. Dennis N says

    Top 3:

    As always, so many others, I don’t wanna slight anyone!

    external Molly to Dr. Lenski

  26. Hairy Doctor Professor says

    It should be Bride of Shrek’s turn this month. (It would have been her turn earlier except for Etha Williams blowing everyone away, including myself. I, too, wonder where Etha got off to, and hope she’s OK.)

  27. shane says

    One more vote for Bride of Shrek… er… we are voting on the Slutty yes? ;-)

    I believe Etha mentioned a while back she was making herself scarce for a while – studying or something.

  28. Patricia says

    #59 – Be careful there. I have an 18 hand high horse to get up on in solidarity with brother Holbach… or should I say ‘the Baron’?
    Can’t speak in anyway for Holbach – but when it comes to the religious – ‘gut em or nut em’ works for me. :)

  29. Patricia says

    And just where the hell has wOO+ got off to – at the same time?
    Dirty minds want to know!

  30. pcarini says

    I also support a Bride of Shrek OM. I think it’s time that we start paying attention to raven’s posts, which are consistently thoughtful, but can be vitriolic when needed.

  31. Bride of Shrek says

    Many, Many great posts this month:

    For sheer ripping the shreds off an idiot I nominate Patricia for her part in the great “Brenda” thread of ’08 ( who would have though the words “Dear Sir/Madam” would invoke such amusement on our behalf for so long.) Must admit though I love Wowbagger and Clinteas ( showing my Antipodean bias there) and the gorgeous Rey Fox also gets my nomination. (what can I say- I love everyone- I’m a slut)

  32. Holbach says

    I thank Patricia for her complimentary remarks and our unequivocal purpose to ridicule with blatant reason the forces of religious and superstitious crap that is spreading ever more so in society. As far as I’m concerned, and from reading Patricia’s comments, our methods may be impolite to many posters, but the spread of insanity by many of the deranged as evinced on Pharyngula, calls for our direct and unhindered message to these retards that they will not be handled gently in their insane frames of mind. Since Patricia appears to be the only one who exhibits and approves of my direct mentods, I nominate her for the deserved Molly. Patricia, don’t quit even if the Molly eludes your deserving status.

  33. Dianne says

    Since football has already been mentioned on this thread…did anyone notice that the EM finale was between Spain, which has legal gay marriage and Germany, which has a domestic partnership law for gays that is exactly the same as marriage in every way(because the Greens went through the legal code, line by line and made sure, ja wohl!) except for adoption purposes (because they had to hand the CDU some compromise) and that the Spanish, who have true equality, are the ones that won? What will the fundies say? God hates football and therefore doesn’t bother punishing countries that legalize gay marriage with bad luck in it? It’s Decadent Europe, what do you expect? The Netherlands losing to Russia makes up for it all? So difficult when reality doesn’t conform to your mythology.

    Incidently, I’m sad that Germany lost, but Spain deserved to win. They played brilliantly throughout the tournament while everyone else slacked off at least once.

  34. Kseniya says

    Speaking of the Brendathon, one of the biggest chuckles I got was from Patricia’s worried speculation about how life must be for “poor Mr. von Hysteria.”

    Second goes to Kseniya for combining awe-inspiring knowledge, [and] vicious invective…

    (I believe you have me confused with the truth machine – on both counts.)


  35. Wowbagger says

    Kseniya, #69, wrote:

    (I believe you have me confused with the truth machine – on both counts.)

    Awe-inspiring – not eye-watering…

  36. ennui says

    Moses and raven always seem to add new information/insight to the discussions. Molly ’em!

  37. Bill Dauphin says

    What will the fundies say? God hates football and therefore doesn’t bother punishing countries that legalize gay marriage with bad luck in it?

    No, the fundies know that God is a true American, and therefore loves real football but doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that soccer stuff. ;^)

    As for the Molly, I can’t fail to name negentropyeater, who absolutely had my back vs. Phaedrus in the recent Obama thread. Of course, so did truth machine, but of course, s/he is already OM.

    Kseniya’s been fierce lately, but then when isn’t she? And she’s already OM as well.

  38. brokensoldier, OM says

    It’s the curse of the Molly! We seemed to have lost broken soldier, too! Or maybe, it being summer, everyone’s on holiday?

    Posted by: MH | June 29, 2008 11:43 AM

    Nah, I’m still here, but I’ve been spending a little extra time in white rooms with crappy TVs and no internet here lately. When I do get a chance to get on, I barely have time to read the posts and comments, which makes it hard to try to add something intelligent to the discussion, especially with the recent posts.

    As for this month, I think windy and Bride of Shrek are both quite deserving.

  39. John Phillips, FCD says

    Lenski, but if the rules can’t be tweaked for his benefit then it has to be Bride Of Shrek.

  40. Kseniya says

    Fierceness has its place, particularly in defense of what one thinks needs defending, but I’ve never been a vicious person, in either word or deed. If I’m making that impression, maybe I need to do something else for a while.

  41. Bill Dauphin says

    I’m making that impression, maybe I need to do something else for a while.

    No, wait, don’t do anything rash on my say-so: I didn’t mean “fierce” as anything other than a compliment! Having recently (on another thread) declared myself to be the polar opposite of “hyper-masculine,” I guess I’m not outing myself too much to say that I meant “fierce” in the way that Tyra Banks uses the term on America’s Next Top Model, which is to say, it means strong, but not at all vicious.

  42. Kseniya says

    No, Bill, it’s not what you said. Not at all. I agree that “fierce” is good. However, it seems that ever since my Shakespearean outburst of a few months ago, I’m gained some kind of reputation as an accomplished insulter, which has apparently developed into full-blown “vicious invective,” which makes me feel… weird about myself. (See the otherwise unjustifiably complimentary #54, for which I thank the Wowbagger.)

    No big deal, I guess, but it may be time to indulge in some introspection. Silently. I think I’ve already said to much.


    Onward and upward. :-)

  43. Wowbagger says

    Gah – if I take it back does that mean you won’t do a disappearing act?

    I don’t think you’re abusive; that suggests doing more than is necessary. The ‘viciousness’ to which I refer was the most practical, appropriate response to the recalcitrance of the poster you were aiming it at – mostly that blathering idiot, Kenny. And it was perfectly justified in the face of such excruciating stupidity.

    A well-placed dagger, not a broadsword. If I was applauding brute strength…let’s just say I’d have selected another name.

    Plus it’s a lot about the Shakespeare. One is a thespian, after all.

  44. Kseniya says

    Wowbagger: Ah. Ok. So it’s the fear. The fear and surprise. And the ruthless efficiency.

    Thanks, I feel better already. 8-D