1. says

    I can imagine the results:

    “Did you ever notice that squid are like two hands, put together? OMG but they have one brain just like MY HANDS which is just crazy. So anyways, dammit Katje that’s my burrito SHE KEEPS STEALING FROM ME!!!! sqquidy fingers hahahahaha”

  2. Sili says

    Dementia have a history in my paternal grandmother’s family – distaffly.

    Substance abuse of various kinds have been common on either side, though – does make me worry a bit at times, but I try to keep my drinking in hand for much that reason.

    My addictions seem to be books, the net and laziness (hence no blog).

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    Well, then, time to share. I’m outraged:

    A Texas appeals court ruled Thursday that the state had no right to take more than 400 children from a polygamist ranch. The court conceded that some underage teens may have been sexually abused, but that the state did not prove that all the removals of children from their parents were justified.

    The ruling came as a major surprise; it could mean the children are returned to their parents within 10 days.

    NPR this morning.

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    Well, as long as you don’t blog and comment while drunk, there is no problem. A bad taste joke (made in a drunken state) can turn damn hard against you. Yeah, I talk about experience. Writing, however, is a way to vent your frustrations. A much healthier way than drinking.

    On the other hand, reading posts with too many spelling and grammar mistakes make my blood pressure rise ;-)

  5. says

    Writing a blog and commenting on blogs are cheaper than talk therapy. Without this healthy, low-impact outlet for one’s thoughts and feelings, one might become an evil genius and try to take over the world. (I do, however, think that I, personally, have passed the window of opportunity for becoming an evil genius.)

  6. speedwell says

    I have a family history of unreliability and fickleness. I keep meaning to start a blog.

  7. Hans says

    I try to keep my drinking in hand

    Of course you do, otherwise some scoundrel might make off with it.

  8. says

    While liquor is not my favorite drug of choice, it is rather ubiquitous in our culture. I am convinced that we (average white guys) tolerate a much higher damage to society from alcohol than seems allowable for other intoxicants (many of which have side effects far less damaging to society) because of what I call the Beowulf factor.

    One of the earliest surviving English manuscripts nods favorably at the drunken revelry of the mead hall. We have a cultural blindness to the damages of alcohol. Social darwinism? You guys are the experts.


  9. Miguel Opazo says

    Im kinda intoxicated for so much blogging in fact… there
    its so much to read and learn, so much papers to discuss… time its just not enough, gotta give up more sleep im guess…
    By the way, my family has history of diabetes, so i cant
    eat as many candy as a i wanted… could be dangerous someday… pity of me.

  10. says

    Tim #12, I think we tried to do something about that once, back in the 1920s…but Prohibition wasn’t a success. I say that, coming from a family with a similar history to PZ’s.

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    I hate to admit it, but I’ve often commented here under the influence.

    On second thought, I doubt that would surprise anyone here.

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    Not supporting any type of prohibition against anything. Just pointing out the obvious. Perhaps a doubling of the tax on liquor will begin to offset some of the social damage? Or we could just pay off the national debt and give free healthcare to everybody if we legalized and taxed marijuana, etc. But then where would the CIA get their black ops money?


  13. Autumn says

    I am often frustrated to the point of punching things by my job (C-store cashier), and I have recently begun to write a book, never to be published, of course, that details the way in which one should go about making a transaction in their local convenience store. My wife initially thought that I would never have enough material for more than ten or twenty pages, but after visiting me one day, and hanging around for a while, she asked if I was planning a multi-volume work.
    I also drink, but writing what I feel about things seems to also soothe the soul.

    If anyone is wondering, I have written about ten-thousand words, and have only gotten to the actual entrance of a person into a store in the last chapter. I still have finding the things one is to purchase, deciding whether or not one has aquired all of the items one has come to the store to purchase, how to obtain these items, and why “is that all you need today” is an actual question, to which your answer better be yes, and moreover, you better fucking mean it, cause I get all stabby when some ignorant fuckwit says “yes, that’s all I need” and then wanders off to shop for a while.
    And now you have been a great solace to me.
    Thank you.

    A little less stabby,

  14. Laser Potato says

    I have a family history of diabetes, and my mom has diabetes. Needless to say, I’m stayin’ away from the candy bars.

  15. chuckgoecke says

    One of the main premises of the pseudo-biography of the Marquis de Sade called Quills was his hypergraphia, (uncontrollable urge to write). Watch out what you write, you could become famous!