It’s a miracle that it got past my spam filters

Now you’re all in trouble. I have been personally blessed by God via email.

Hi PZ,

Just wanted to thank you for the link to My Blog, Stuff God Hates. As such I will bless you and your family and make your descendants
the rulers of many lands.

Also, I rather enjoy your blog as well.

– God

“Rulers of many lands” … I hope my kids don’t get stuck with Asia.


  1. Rob says

    Careful, you’ll get a reputation if you start claiming to get personal message from God ;)

  2. says

    I must admit when I read your first post on this subject I was in the first stages of fuming and expecting a crazy-fred-phelps sort of blog. I should’ve known better.

    Very funny tongue-in-cheek blog.

  3. DSimon says

    “Rulers of many lands” … I hope my kids don’t get stuck with Asia.

    Yeah, Asia’s way too tough to defend if you go for it in the beginning. It’s best to try and start out with Australia, since it’s only got one border and you can benefit from the reinforcement bonus right away.


  4. says

    Congratulations, I’ve been called worse, or better, viewpoint sensitive.

    Hope yall have a chance to listen to this:
    Ben Stein’s Expelled Colon ….No Intellugence Required, oh Boy, MORE Nazi MEMES!!!

    Thanks for the input and quotes, I attributed where possible.

    Brownian, Michio Kaku, Ben Steinhundt, ADL, Thunderf00t, Just-John, Joseph Hayden, Louis Armstrong.

    Broadcast on KPFT, the Pacifica Network and Community Radio Stations world wide.

    innerSide Radio


  5. Nasikabatrachus says

    …Lo, and God did bless PZ and all his descendants, promising them rule of the far reaches of the Earth. And PZ did say ‘awesome’, and it was good.

  6. Bride of Shrek says


    If PZ becomes ruler of Australia can we have his head on the obverse of our coins. I’ve been looking at the Queen’s mug all my life and, quite frankly, I’m getting sick of it.

  7. me says

    If god gives PZ Australia, does that make PZ the devil?

    Ha ha ha, just kidding, calm down Aussies.

  8. Gilles says

    Excuse me for saying this, but I think Dr Myers seems a little obsessed with God and religion. I’ve been reading Pharyngula for approximately 18 months, and don’t I see more and more posts on ID, religious nuts, various churches, superstitions, etc. ?
    I’m sure most if not all readers come here for the science, to learn something about biology and not about absurd ideas and mythology. Am I alone in thinking this way ?

  9. arachnophilia says

    oh, hey. the next time some fundie goes railing on about how you’re the worst thing since hitler, you can tell them: “hey, god likes my blog. he told me so himself.”

  10. Brian English says

    I’m sure most if not all readers come here for the science, to learn something about biology and not about absurd ideas and mythology.
    I don’t. I come here for PZisms and the other clever types who post often and humourously……The science is good too..

  11. MikeM says

    Far too reverent for me. For example:

    And the list of defects just goes on and on. The spacing on the third row of pews is off by almost a full inch; I’m pretty sure the lead architect was half-retarded. The stained-glass windows are pedestrian and obvious; the spires are too tall; and there is not one single gargoyle present on the entire cathedral. Seriously! Not a single one. Is it too much to ask to get some fucking gargoyles?!

    See what I mean?

  12. says

    I come here because PZ Meyers seems to have an inhuman ability to process vast quantities of information and post humorous responses. The sheer quantity of posts gives me constant gratification in my need to read something interesting when procrastinating doing something unpleasant (like dishes or actual work).

    On a completely different note, it’s true Australia is a nice starting place, but then your only hope of expansion is to fight a land war in Asia, and that rarely goes well. I often liked trying for one of the Americas. South America is relatively easy to get and only has two borders (worse than Australia’s one, but still not too bad) and has the options of expanding into either North America or Africa, while North America has only one extra border compared to South America and is worth significantly more bonus armies. It also gives you the opportunity to expand into South America (which you should be able to crush given all those extra bonus armies), and then from there you can go for Europe, Africa, or Asia (whatever strikes your fancy).

    Still, a good game of Diplomacy is worth dozens of games of Risk.

  13. Screechy Monkey says

    @4 and 8: I’m pretty sure Lex Luthor is the ruler of Australia.

  14. Bride of Shrek says

    Gilles @ #12

    I come here for the educational aspects in the setting of a bit of light hearted fun and banter amongst common minded people. Until of course some wanker turns up and spoils that by suggesting we should get all serious about every fucking thing.

  15. Cathy says

    Eddie Izzard’s agrees with the strategy of sitting on Australia and nearby lands, and he doesn’t bother with the land war in Asia that #17 (mozglubov) and Vicini (Princess Bride) correctly warn us about. Izzard says, just get everyone on Papua New Guinea and build up and build up…

  16. says

    I think Dr Myers seems a little obsessed with God and religion. I’ve been reading Pharyngula for approximately 18 months, and don’t I see more and more posts on ID, religious nuts, various churches, superstitions, etc. ?

    If this were a discussion of the vacuum pressure per sucker per squid, per tentacle, you wouldn’t have hung out for 18 months, is my wild guess.

    That formula is, BTW

    S=ten/sq X 8 [VOL y, DEN x] as calculated by PSI per depth of registry.

    It’s differential equation shit.

    Octo-Fractal topographic squirm theory is not as exciting as you think. This blog sticks to the simple shit, like God, and the meaning of life.

    Keepin it real

  17. Bride of Shrek says


    that is the singularly sexiest equation I’ve ever heard of. I hope you’re a bloke because I’m a little in love with you. If you’re a female then I’ll just have to weirdly idol worship you. Kind of like that chick in Single White Female.

  18. ampersand says

    I generally start off with South America, put a lot of men to block off North America, and send troops into Africa. From Africa, I have Asia, then Europe. Attack North America on two fronts, and take Australia at my leisure.

  19. ampersand says

    Are you kidding? Differential equations are always a good time. I consider any tentacles involved a major bonus.

  20. Alex Besogonov says

    Ah… Risk…

    I used to spend countless hours playing it on a Mac in our computer club when I was a child.

    Anyone knows a good online multi player Risk server?

  21. david says

    It’s better to start in Asia and start the game by grabbing Australia – no decent set of opponents would allow you to start with Australia uncontested. Even if you do, other players will respond by barricading Siam.

    Instead, you should scatter one man armies across Asia and hoard the rest of your troops in Siam or nearby – this signals to other players that you won’t defend your outer territories, encouraging them to battle each other. In the meanwhile your Thai horde can conquer Australia and then march back across Asia.

  22. says

    “I hope my kids don’t get stuck with Asia.”

    And what’s wrong with Asia, may I ask? If it was good enough for Genghis Khan, it should be good enough for you.

  23. Peter Ashby says

    Gilles if you really had been reading PZ carefully you would know he has been snowed under of late with end of academic year exams and grading and stuff. Which is why he pointed us at someone else’s blogging on peer reviewed research on the bat limb stuff.

    So not only have you outed yourself as being insenstitive but you are a liar too.

  24. 386sx says

    I have been personally blessed by God via email.

    Way cool. Maybe God will “anoint” it too. Nointy noint!!

    Dear Jesus, please “anoint” some stuff. Thanks!

  25. bad Jim says

    The one time I played Risk we were drinking heavily and reading roughly one rule per turn, so the game kept changing. I started out with most of Africa and South America, since nobody else wanted them, and wound up, due to the incessant internecine warfare of Eurasia and North American, within a turn or two of world conquest. (I suspect my mother, my brother and his girlfriend weren’t taking it seriously.)

    It was definitely fun to play a Guevarista strategy and win.

  26. clinteas says

    @ No 22,BrideofShrek,my fellow aussie(i think)….

    Talking about being in love with someone a lil lol…..

    @ Concern troll Gilles,No 12:

    You have a point which is proved by the countless commenters that will rejoice when PZ does some blogging on science/biology topics,but as BoS said before and much more eloquently than me,half the fun is being in a group of witty and openminded people that discuss topics close to their heart and everyday life in a lighthearted and knowledgeable and often into-your-face fashion,as eg the attempts of creotartds to turn the US into a theocracy and introduce religion into science classes in an attempt to turn back the clocks to before the enlightenment !

    If you dont like it,find another blog mate !

  27. DLC says

    Wait, God is going to give PZ Australia ?
    Dammit, he promised that to me!
    Well, that’s it then! I’ll show Him! I’ll disbelieve him out of existence !

  28. Ick of the East says

    Man, I used to love Risk like nobody’s business. But really, since Civilization came along, how can anybody still play it?

    You can dis Asia when Minnesota has mangoes and women as fine as Thailand’s

  29. Brandon P. says

    I will bless you and your family and make your descendants the rulers of many lands.

    Bah, they can become that easily simply by buying any number of strategy games (I especially recommend Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, and Civilization) without any god entering into the equation.

  30. Peter Ashby says

    Ah risk, and drinking. Back in my university days we would gather in someone’s double A (sitting room with two bedrooms of it) for games. A bottle of ouzo was obligatory, as was a financial contribution to cover the purchase of same. The bedrooms were used for private alliance negotiations. Risk is really best played between a group of friends who play regularly, otherwise breaking alliances becomes too easy and you may as well not make them. Like the computer game, except that is less fun, no friends, no ouzo.

    I’ll settle for raki, and South America with a joker territory in Asia for risk cards.

  31. Carlie says

    Giles: Yes.

    Otherwise: Never get involved in a land war in Asia. And never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

  32. Richard Harris says

    God is omnipotent – in other words, has absolute power. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So, you can’t blame the fecker for being the absolutely corrupt asshole he is, eh.

  33. Science Goddess says

    Giles (#12), I agree with you. And Peter (#28), you need spell check. Yes, Clinteas (#31 there are plenty of other blogs).


  34. Bride of Shrek says

    Science Goddess(#39) you need a grammar style guide. It’s still considered poor form to start a sentence with a conjunction.

    If you’re going to be critical of other people’s writings you should make an effort to get your own shit together.

  35. Bride of Shrek says


    Hey , yes I’m in Aus. Ipswich to be precise ( and no I don’t have a mullet and yes, I’ve heard all the Pauline Hanson jokes thanks).Actually its a step up in the culture stakes for me, I’ve just moved here from, da da dummm, North Queensland ( and for all you US readers just translate that as the equivalent of your deep dark south).

  36. clinteas says

    BoS,i am a German currently in Melbourne after visits to Qld and Nsw for work purposes,i love your comments here,like Ichthyic you are wonderfully irate and angry at times lol,so am I……

    I didnt get Gilles point,and im not getting ScienceGoddess’s point either,but the name sure sounds promising….
    I like to thing of this blog like a version of Cheers,for intellectuals…:-)

  37. Schmeer says

    As others have already said, there are many of us who come here for the irreverence and the science. Personally, I came here because I got bored with the Raving Atheists. I could do with more anger, sarcasm and anti-theism. However, until PZ decides to form the great cephalopodic-atheist militia I’ll just settle for occasionally learning more about biology between recent news items.

    So more anti-religion please!

  38. Janine ID says

    Great! Just bloody great! I go and reject the word of big sky daddy. Now the purveyor of one of my favorite blogs is blessed by his ever loving touch.

    Enough! Enough I say! It is time for those of us who hold to the old principles to overthrow the turncoat, PZ Myers! Who is with me!

    Viva La Revolution!

  39. BobbyEarle says


    If I make fun of your being bald (balding?), will you sic the bears on me? I mean, seeing as how you have the Man’s ear and all…ya know?

  40. BobbyEarle says

    Oh, crap…

    PZ is not, I repeat, not bald. Can I blame this on being up for 18 hours?

    Oh, hell. No doubt I will wake up in Asia later today.

  41. Tophe says

    @ Vera, #45
    Click the link in PZ’s post and the email you’re looking for is in the right side-bar :)

  42. Patricia C. says

    I got here via Dawkins. Left Dawkins. Stayed here. I enjoy the snarky, smartass, intelligent Pharyngulites that aren’t afraid to say religion is bullshit. The christians are trying to whore science to prove gawd – why wouldn’t that get discussed here?

  43. says

    Another wacked out old hippy (in my dreams perhaps) very fond of Risk here. And then, at university, Rogue on the computer. Faaarrrrr tooo many hours playing both…

    Some years later I discovered that until I could get down to something like level 15(?) in Rogue I was too sleepy (as the British sometimes put it) to go home.

  44. Arnosium Upinarum says

    HILARIOUS site. I just visited the once after PZ posted the link last week…just THINKING about the picture that heads each post there (which reminds me of Orson Wells in the film Jane Eyre with that stern furrowed brow and stentorious voice (“JANE!..JANE!..JANE!”) – just add a magistrate’s wig and Charlton Heston’s beard at the tail-end of The Ten Commandmands and you’ve got The Almighty) together with all the tough smiting talk – completely cracks me up every time. What a riot.

  45. David Marjanović, OM says

    Octo-Fractal topographic squirm theory is not as exciting as you think. This blog sticks to the simple shit, like God, and the meaning of life.


    We have a winner.

    It was definitely fun to play a Guevarista strategy and win.

    That sounds interesting.

  46. Kristy says

    So much for all those people that claim God spoke to them and told them to do whatever. Clearly, God’s chosen method of communication is email.