1. says

    An octopus may have strong “arms”, but those big old swords are a bit over the top for that little guy.

  2. Mosasaurus rex says

    Change the swords to hockey sticks and he could be a mascot for the Red Wings!

  3. Apikoros says

    Those swords appear to be in the style favored by the Vikings. This may explain how the western world could have been terrorized by Scandinavians.

    Could explain a lot of puzzling things about the Vikings, in fact. Maybe Odin’s eight-legged horse Sleipnir was no horse? Maybe those “horns” depicted on helmets were really tentacles?

  4. Blondin says

    “Thrice is he armed who hath his quarrel just”

    And eight times he who gets his sword in ‘fust’!

  5. Mena says

    Not this one? Oh, that may or may not be safe for work. It’s stick figures but there’s an extra “stick” on one of them.

  6. Simon C. says

    I already see the creationist headline :

    “Well known Biologist and blogger PZ Myers has officially adopted a violent logo that clearly shows atheism is the work of the devil. Therefore, a group of peaceful Christian protesters decided to go eat some calmar at the local chinese restaurant.”

    That logo somewhat reminds me of the divinity with eight arms in Sinbad the Sailor.

  7. Michelle says

    I guess this is a vision of the future… when the octopus will evolve out of water and steal our darn sword collections.

  8. djw says

    No Zodiac? Ophiuchus was skipped! How will we know if it’s safe to practice snake handling?

  9. MH says

    It’s a cool image, but I think we should leave the violent symbolism to the Christians.

  10. Avenel says

    I think, Sili, that Apikoros is more focusing on the hilt and pommel. Straight quillions and that shape pommel are indicative of late 9th-early tenth century Scandinavian design. It’s true that most viking era blades have a fuller, rather than a central ridge, but depending on the size of the original, fullers may have been too difficult to make.

  11. tim rowledge says

    “Thrice is he armed who hath his quarrel just”
    Well, it depends if he has a repeating crossbow, doesn’t it?

  12. Apikoros says

    Sili and Avenel–
    Yes, I was looking at the hilts and seeing a Petersen type H, or maybe a multilobed pommel if I squint.

    I am so happy not to be the only sword geek on this forum.

    Besides, cephalopod Vikings would be totally cool! Way better than cephalopod pirates!

  13. Jsn says

    Uh oh, PZ, I’m afraid you’ve created a huge demand on yourself with your AtHeOROSCOPE predictions. You might want to follow James Randi and just write one ambiguous and flattering reading and give it to everyone under different sign names. Everyone will think you’re metaphysically gifted!

  14. Reginald Selkirk says

    Still, the squid has the advantage. He could hold this fellow off with 8 swords, and still have two appendages to spare for a dirk and dagger.

  15. Mosasaurus rex says

    “Besides, cephalopod Vikings would be totally cool! Way better than cephalopod pirates!”

    Uff ya, here comes Olaf Eight Legs and Sven Squidson! Hide the lobsters and the aquavit!

  16. says

    Damn! That is absolutely beautiful! I love it! A Pharyngulan crest!

    So, PZ, when will this crest be made available for auto stickers, patches, posters, key rings, lapel pins, bookmarks, etc? I’ll be waiting impatiently!

  17. says

    #13, I was going to say the same thing. Astrologers always leave out the ophiuchuses. I predict we will suffer from numerous venomous bites and a slow, painful death.

  18. Flamethorn says

    Before anyone goes modifying this for a real logo, might I suggest locating the original artist? That is an awesome piece and someone should get credit for it.

  19. says

    Four Swords forming an Octothorpe is way over the top. An Octopus forming two octothorpes with swords is just redonk.
    I like it ;)

  20. Pocket Nerd says

    #24: Yeah, octo-wielding knocks dual-wielding right out of the park, doesn’t it?