Can I be in the party to gate-crash Westminster Abbey?

I knew the Beagle Project was planning to rebuild and resail the Beagle, Charles Darwin’s old ship … but who knew their plans were even more ambitious? They’re going to resurrect Chaz D!

And you can get the whole evil scheme on a poster.


  1. Holbach says

    I prefer to leave Darwin buried in Westminster Abbey,as a lot more people can visit him, albeit all the wackos too,
    but at least he is safer there with more security around than he would have back in the little village of Downe where the religious insane would probably desecrate his grave. In Westminster, all the insane can just smirk and lash out at a plaque and statue but find it hard to disinter him. I’m afraid little Downe would bear the brunt of all those freaking tourists and fanatics and wishing that he had remained in Westminster Abbey. Stay put Charles, for we all know where you are and it will be a lot easier to pay our respects and homage.

  2. says

    The horizon from average yacht deck level is 5 miles, it will be further on the replica Beagle, her deck being a little higher than the average yacht. Radomes are usually mounted on a mast, and even on a small yacht this usually gives a picture out to 12 miles, on larger yachts with the radar transmitter high on the mast I’ve had 24 miles, well beyond the visual horizon. Sorry Ford, pardon my ‘visual’, space was limited.

  3. Shawn S says

    Wow! So atheists get a second coming before the Christians? My irony meter just blew up.

    See, Darwinism is a religion. I wonder if we could nail one of Charles’ descendents to a tree?

  4. Martin says

    I’d love to see a Fake Charles Darwin who can skewer the creos on his blog. Something like the FSJ blog.

  5. Hepa says

    An lo! A humourless Christian knew a humourless Christian and they begat a humourless Christian with a nasty turn of mind, and his name was Shawn S.

  6. wazza says

    Hepa: straight out of Gen. 5

    Dammit, they stole the premise of the novel I’m working on!

    (no, seriously)