On the Infidel Guy tonight

That venerable institution among internet atheists, Reggie Finley, will be interviewing me tonight for Infidel Guy radio. We’re going to talk about this strange propaganda film, Expelled, that’s supposed to come out next month, and I suppose we’ll also discuss creationism in a more generic context as well, and maybe we’ll even talk about real science. Tune in at 8ET.


  1. Deepsix says

    “Tune in at 8ET.”

    At first, I thought this said, “Tune in at BET”. I really didn’t think this is the usual type of programming on BET. Weirded out for a second there.

  2. CleveDan says

    @#4 some are available as podcasts. seems like he posts about one a month. He had ERV on again last month. you should be able to find it in itunes or on his site

  3. Damian says

    Becca, ‘ave a look at this.

    I subscribe to the RSS feed, but you can also download over 100 shows. They have some really terrific guests on.