Don’t get cocky

Hemant thinks he has a shot of winning an online poll to determine the sexiest atheist blogger. No way! I’m going to send you, my minions, over there to … uh … wait. You people are probably still in shock from that time I exposed my chest, aren’t you? Dang. I need to wait at least 20 or 30 years before those memories fade if I’m to stand a chance.

I voted for Greta Christina, anyway, and my second choice was C.L. Hanson.

People, what are you doing voting for me? That’s insane. Unless, of course, you’re one of those people who likes a bad boy with a hint of danger, even if he does look like Meatloaf or Jack Black … but as everyone who meets me says, I defuse even that with a mild and professorial air. Pick someone else!


  1. Hypatia says

    I’m honestly confused, why isn’t Rebecca Watson isn’t on the list? If the skepchick isn’t on there I just can’t vote.

  2. mayhempix says

    Glad to see your rationalist thinking extends to this subject. You are a great blogger and torch carrier for atheists everywhere, but this prize is best left to the truly sexy, and for most males that will be a nominee of the opposite sex.

    But look at it this way, the IDers could never have a sexy blogger competition. I mean even thinking about Denise at Uncommon Descent leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. SteveC says

    Here’s the problem with this whole concept. Asia Carrera has blog. And she’s an atheist. No contest.

    And here’s a quote:

    “In other news, I’ve decided it is no longer a comforting thought when people tell me that “Don is looking down on you all the time from up above”. Ummm… how about if I’m picking my nose or pulling a wedgy out of my buttcrack? Is there a way to turn OFF the “view from heaven” option? Because it also occurred to me that all my dead friends and family would be up there looking down too, probably lined up on bleachers sitting next to God and Jesus, and I find this a little unnerving! I mean really, do you want your aunt and uncle looking down on you taking a big dump first thing in the morning? How about Gramma and Grampa watching you have sex? Or even worse, clucking in disdain as you do a little *ahem* solo-lovin’, polishing the old pork-sword, as it were? All of a sudden I find atheism to be a big relief – otherwise I think I would have started painting all my ceilings with lead so I could get a little privacy around here! Hehehe!! ;o ”

  4. says

    Shameless attempt to boost my numbers: There are better pictures of my boobies on my blag. Its like Zelda, though. You have to hunt for it.


    Kristine– We need to pool our efforts. Maybe get JanieBell in on the action?

  5. szqc says

    I’d vote for any of them – but yeah, where are Abbie and Kristine? (man, I feel like a stalker or drooling fanboy for saying that but my vote would be based on takedowns of the ID crowd – now *that’s* why these folks are sexy).

    Abbie has a point though – why not JanieB (after all I stole Lou’s [er- I mean JanieB’s] one-letter-away-code idea for a screenname here…).

  6. Elin says

    I saw this on Greta’s blog earlier today and wondered: why, out of hundreds of atheists blogging away on the Internet, are only 7 names listed?

    Anyway, I’m probably going to vote for Greta…although there was the time PZ linked us to that oddly hot cephalod porn (by the Japanese artists, I forget their names.) There’s something about all those arms going everywhere…fuck, I’m weird.

  7. PipeUp says

    Oho, PeeZed! You’re out in front.

    (And I added my vote for you. I’ve got this thing for intellectual men! Rowr!)

  8. SteveD says

    Hey, there are more atheist porn stars, like Nina Hartley, although her blog is a bit sporadic. (But there’s plenty of rambling on her own web site.) And assuming we define “sexiest” as “most able to induce sexual arousal in appropriately-oriented persons”, someone who’s made a career of providing wank material has an overwhelming advantage.

    Mistress Matisse calls herself a “catholic escapee”, but doesn’t blog about religion per se. But that begs the question: by “atheist blogger” do you mean an atheist who’s a blogger, or do is it someone who blogs about atheism? And is this a pass/fail criterion, or does the quality of the blogging factor into the overall score?

    Because with all due respect, PZ, as much as I appreciate you beating up on the IDiots on a daily basis, Greta’s essays on religion are a whole ‘nother class above.

  9. szqc says

    oops – per my comment #16 I should have said I stole the awesome Mr DNA’s idea (forgot I had seen this as a link to cbeb via JanieB); sorry Mr DNA, I’m as bad as Luskin – can’t remember who I stole the idea from….

  10. Paul Phoenix says

    Abbie by a long way :-) An athiest 2009 calendar (artistic, obviously – h0h0h0) would be a good idea! They’d all have to hold ‘missing link fossils’ or something though… ok. Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

  11. says

    p.s. I realize this poll has a very short list of choices taken from my own personal favorite bloggers. But people have left lots of great additional nominations here and in the comments of my poll!!! So maybe we’ll gather them up and do a more serious version of this poll, or maybe these threads just mean more exposure for a bunch of sexy atheists. :D

    Superior sexiness is one of the advantages we atheists have over the theocrats — why not flaunt it? ;)

  12. Bride of Shrek says

    But, I love a “mild and professorial air”. When I was at uni it used to make me get all hot and bothered wondering what they had to show under their beige knit vests, carefully creased slacks and oh, so casually trimmed facial hair…..and don’t even get me started on my MALE professors.

  13. g says

    Maybe we’re voting for the combined ticket of PZ (“blogger”) and his Trophy Wife (“sexiest”) ?

  14. says

    But, I love a “mild and professorial air”. When I was at uni it used to make me get all hot and bothered wondering what they had to show under their beige knit vests, carefully creased slacks and oh, so casually trimmed facial hair…..and don’t even get me started on my MALE professors.

    Last summer, when I was teaching my Mass Media and Queer America class, I found out that one of my students had registered merely because he had a crush on me (another student who had overheard him talking to a third party informed me of this). It freaked me out a bit. I’ve never had that happen before (that I’m aware of). Indeed, I’m twice their age, and not terribly attractive (avg at best) so to have students with a crush on me? Don’t get it.

    My office-mate won a contest in the campus newspaper for sexiest prof–and I’m way hotter than he is. But he’s taught more classes than I (we’re both adjunct), and he won with like 5 votes. I think I got 1 vote.

    I think I’d rather go back to having the student paper publish my salary (which is what they did at Minnesota State–for every faculty member on campus) than vote on whether I’m “hot or not.”

  15. MorpheusPA says

    Intelligence is always hawt. It acts like a bright light to my mental moths.


    Ow. Well, at least I learned something…