1. Charlie says

    Sorry OT, but –

    Is it true that the Scientia Natura blog is closed because of Muslims and that Shalini is in some sort of serious trouble because of that?

  2. Charlie says

    Whoa, that is scary. I’ll be checking the blogosphere for updates.

    It is really sad though that the blog is closed. Having come to atheism and reason through her posts and blog make the whole situation really sad.

  3. poke says

    That was good. Makes me realize why Shubin was so good on Colbert: He just really, really enjoys his work.

  4. dimitri says

    Wait, what? Shalini in trouble with Muslims? I have been reading her blog for over a year and I don’t recall her ever mentioning Muslims.

  5. celdd says

    Thanks for the link. I really enjoyed it. Shubin really does a good job of giving an overall impression of what scientists do. They’re trying to figure out things – not advocate a preconceived idea.

    Unfortunately, those that might benefit from his real-world explanations of how his scientific work is done, I would expect not have the patience to sit through the whole interview.

    I have the book, can’t wait to have time to read it.