1. says

    I suppose this now kills my dream of there one day being a ScienceBlog devoted to the glorious wonders of corn and peanuts.


  2. Gary says

    Think about it.

    Brightly colored M&Ms, broccoli, yellow squash, red, ripe tomatoes, green peppers, whole wheat bread. A veritable riot of color on the plate. Yum.

    Why is it so brown afterwards? Good biological reasons, I’m sure, but brown?

    Hey, wait! The nutrition MUST be from the color! Wow! What a discovery!


  3. Katrina says

    After getting three children past the diaper stage, nothing you can say will shock me.

    On that same vein, my daughter managed to surprise me the other day with a phthalo-green “surprise.” Turned out she’d eaten a blue candy-cane the day before.

    Sorry. It’s late. Must be the wine.

  4. Brian G says

    Is there a way to subscribe to it by email? I clicked on the email subscription link and it took me to the subscription page but it wasn’t listed. Anyone know of another way to subscribe? This new blog is gonna drop a load for us.

  5. Katrina says

    Thanks, Smeber.

    Add to that: my husband is a pathologist. Those med-school dinner conversations really primed me for the reality that is toddler-hood.

  6. says

    Is this thread meant to supplant the Friday Cephalopod? ‘Cause if so, I’m really bummed out and feeling crappy about it. Quite down in the dumps, really.

    I think I’ll go lie down in the fecal position now.

  7. says

    I heard the moderator is studying at Brown.

    Posted by: Aaron

    I heard that the moderator is a real star of a pupil at Brown. In fact, dare I say, he or she may be showcased as a Brown Star.

  8. SEF says

    1. Ксения is Kseniya
    2. палиндром is palindrom
    but perhaps you knew that really. :-/

  9. Kseniya says

    I am afraid to disappoint you, but… it’s nothing clever.


    mordnilap pup palindrom (the “u” is always long, so “pup” sounds just like “poop”)


    [nonsense word] navel palindrome

    However, the nonsense word suggests a mangled phrase:

    морда ни лапа (morda ni lapa)

    which I believe would translate roughly to “a snout nor a paw”.

    I’ll go back on my meds tomorrow, I promise!

  10. idlemind says

    His post on the dangers of Christmas trees reminds me of the apparently defunct Angry Toxicologist science blogger.

  11. truth machine says

    This will be my go to source for information about

    * ass goblins
    * ass kabobs
    * ass monkeys
    * black bananas
    * blind eels
    * boulders
    * chocolate channel chewies
    * colon cannonballs
    * corn eyed butt snakes
    * corn massacres
    * crapsters
    * creamy butt nuggets
    * digested Crayola boxes
    * Easter Bunny’s present
    * the fourth teletubby
    * frightened turtles
    * hardened fudge nuggets
    * hell’s candy
    * Indian rug burns
    * keester cakes
    * Mississippi mud
    * mudfat balls
    * potty animals
    * product of Uranus
    * sea pickles
    * sewer serpents
    * shitsicles
    * space slugs
    * tangy butt nuts
    * tom cruise missiles
    * toxic turdeys
    * turd tunnel tasties
    * yellow submarines
    * ass sneezing
    * christening the comfort station
    * cooking some beans
    * cleaning one’s colon
    * cutting off a load
    * dropping a chalupa
    * dropping some friends off at the lake
    * emptying the manure spreader
    * blowing mud
    * booty hole burnout
    * butt dribblets
    * butt drool
    * chocolate explosion
    * the human expresso machine
    * Montezuma’s revenge
    * oohs and ahs
    * screaming mimis
    * supersonic sewer sauce
    * toilet bowl stew
    * cattle cookies
    * chimp chunks
    * dog logs
    * doggy sausage
    * elk duds
    * lawn sausage
    * anal impaction