Kids need to understand developmental biology!

See that little thermometer to the right? It says we’ve met our challenge of raising $20,000 for school kids. However, I actually picked a number of projects that required more money than that, and we still have 3 projects that are not fully funded — and they’re the embryology/developmental biology grants! We’ve got less than a week left, so it would be very nice if people would kick in the last few donations to complete these last few requests.

We’re very, very close and time is running out. Let’s get all of the projects fully funded!


  1. T_U_T says

    Kind of sad seeig people collecting donations (aka begging) for paying things that ought to be paid automatically via taxes.
    Next time we will see firefighters asking people to give them a bucket full of water.
    Or policemen in uniforms from charities.
    Or a diabetic begging on the streets for insuline ( provided it isn’t happening yet ).

    Hey, what’s wrong with you americans ?

  2. ShavenYak says

    Too true, T_U_T. What’s that quote again… ah, here it is: The world will be a better place when schools have all the money they need and the military has to hold a bake sale to pay for a new fighter plane.

  3. Greg Peterson says

    When I noticed before that these three had not been funded, I honestly thought we were boycotting chickens for some reason. Cruelty, salmonella, Easter reminder. Something. Good to know we can support this, because baby chicks are cute and crunchy.

  4. WRM says

    I haven’t done any research yet (bad poster!) but after looking at the proposals for chicken-related research and their common need for incubators that sound fairly expensive but can’t be too terribly complicated. That got me wondering: maybe there is a shop class or a vocational/technical school project there somewhere. Shop class/VoTech gets a project that creates the devices used by these elementary schools.

  5. Ray says

    Well, I put in a few bucks to help school kids raise chickens. All I could afford but every little bit helps right? Good luck getting all the projects you chose fully funded.