Scienceblogs conquers all

Yes, it’s true: we have now absorbed Laelaps. Update your links and feeds.

It’s like some ravenous chthonic entity, isn’t it? Got a blog? We’ll devour it. But it’s a good thing, and I like being part of an all-consuming juggernaut of science.


  1. RamblinDude says

    Off base, but for all you “Diggers” out there, Phil Plait on his scienceblog, “Bad Astronomy”, has a pretty good article on Hillary Clinton’s science agenda.

    A little ray of hope?

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    It’s like some ravenous chthonic entity, isn’t it?

    According to WordNet, via

    chthonic –
    dwelling beneath the surface of the earth; “nether regions”

    That last bit could be taken several ways.

  3. NJ Osprey says

    I am PZ Myers of the ScienceBorgs. Resistance is futile. Your blog will be assimilated.

  4. JohnnieCanuck, FCD says

    Soon, all the consumed come to feel that they enjoy being part of the beast. It is simply a matter of endocrine control.

    Slowly through the centuries, their seperate identities fade until they are completely merged.