1. Christian Burnham says

    Yeah- I completely understand why he would turn into an octopus, but I don’t understand why his location would shift to interplanetary space.

    Realism in comix, please.

  2. Mike P says


    I think the more important question is, why aren’t you in space?

    I have this book, see, that will have a deep and profound impact on your life…

  3. negentropyeater says

    This book changed PZ’s life, it tought him that in his next life, he wil become the first cephalopod to discover the existence of Saturn.

  4. dieselrain says

    “Change” is talked about in our country as if “change” is inherently good. Imprecise language usage. No wonder communications are fraugt with misunderstandings. Probably half the “changes” that we experience are undesirable changes. Sour milk poured from the bottle onto my morning oatmeal comes to mind. Then there are those more devastating undesirable changes, too, that we experience daily. Yet people use “change” as if it’s a good thing. Grrrrr.

  5. Bill says

    Dieselrain, where are you that you can still get milk in bottles?

    Brownian, I don’t know where Dieselrain is, but here in the Chicago area not only can you get milk in bottles, but you can get them delivered to your home.

  6. AAB says

    May be after reading the great science book he is now realizing what he is (an animal — symbolized by the octupus) and where he is (the universe). You see, I would think the un-scientific types (read religious types) pretend like they are not animals but above animals in this sweet little home (earth – whic of course occupies 99% of their universe with the rest being hell and heaven).

    Well at least I tried to explain it…

  7. Inky says


    That moray eel article is a great find, how so very cool! Figure 4 is *awesome*. It really does make you think of Aliens!

  8. Nebularry says

    #15 llewelly. You can’t see it but he is “nigh unto Kolob”. (Thirty years a Mormon but now a happier and wiser atheist.)

  9. Scotty B says

    Nate: “Boy, he’s really screwed up–he only has five legs!!!”

    Yeah, holy crap! I thought they only had arms!


  10. woozy says

    Funny, when I first read it I didn’t notice that he wound up in space and thought it was hilarious that he turned into a penta-pus. I think it’d be funnier without the outer space effects but I suppose when might wonder what he’s saying “What the…” to when he’s not looking at himself.

    Speaking of Kafka-esque this one is depressingly unkafka-esque in its realism.

  11. John Squire says

    Nate #18:

    Boy, he’s really screwed up–he only has five legs!!!

    Obviously the other five legs are under the covers. He’s not an octopus…

    He’s a spider!

  12. BlueIndependent says

    My reading of the comic’s last panel is he took the stupid book, cracked it to see what the hell was supposedly so life changing about it, and found himself the part of a strange universe of cephalopeople floating through space. Ya know, Zorastrian perspective on the universe vs. Hinduism vs. Raelianism vs. et al ad nauseum.

  13. ajay says

    Iain Banks: “If I ever get rich – you know, Hollywood rich – I’m going to start an atheist version of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We’ll knock on people’s doors and ask them [saccharine American accent] ‘Good afternoon, sir, have you let Jesus into your life?’ [back to Scottish] and when they say ‘Er, no, I haven’t’ we’ll say ‘Good man! Here, have these atheist tracts’. And we’ll go around leaving copies of ‘The Origin of Species’ in hotel bedrooms.”

  14. Brian says

    I knew a guy who made a serious offer to a motel to put a copy of “The Origin of Species” in every room. They declined, the bastards.