1. Brandon P says

    Ah, they even made it look like it was from the good old “duck and cover” 1950’s…

  2. Science Goddess says

    I saw that one too, immediately thought of my students. Then it got to the water fountain joke (funny), and I thought it would be in poor taste.

    Still hilarious. I particularly liked the “Colbert” episode when he shredded the ID mousetrap design. This guy has some great writers, and is one of the best shows on (and a good reason for not throwing away my TV).


  3. abc says

    This is great stuff. It’s amazing how you manage to stay updated to so much information…

  4. Arnosium Upinarum says

    Wilson Fowlie suggests, “An even BETTER way to learn about DNA”, then supplies a link to subject the unweary to a thoroughly obnoxious ‘NYAH NYAH NYAH’ “musical” treatment.

    Give me a f@#$%&* break.

    PZ’s and Token’s suggestions are suitably humorous…except that Graham Chapman’s gag in the latter pokes stereotypical fun at science, which deflated it considerably. Left a bad taste in my mouth. (Never mind the inevitable ‘reactions’ to saying so – such typical retorts are a waste of precious indignation. Individuals WILL laugh where they see fit, ya know. Sheesh).

    But the shtick you supply a link to made me reach for my antihistamines. Its shit.

    As for Colbert, what can one say? With his incredible writers he’s become a major lampooning force perfectly suited to serve as an antidote to the cockeyed nature of “popular opinion” in this society. He’s nothing less than the contemporary version of a service that, for example, Victorian England never could have had.

    I think Colbert and his colleagues (Stewart, et al) know they have a strong bit going for as long as broadcasting (radio or cable) exists…which might last as long as another decade or three. Too bad almost all of his viewers utilize his comedy as a nightly means of “knodding knowingly”, to feel nice and cozy that some noteworthy like-minded funny guy is doing all the work expressing their viewpoints for them…so they don’t have to.