Carnivalia, and an open thread

I’m home at last, after a long flight and a long drive through more thunderstorms, and boy am I tired. Not from the flying and driving, but from being the old geezer amongst the youngsters at that recent meeting, and trying to keep up with them. Did you know those whippersnappers stay up to all hours of the night, drinking and dancing and sinning, and they don’t take naps, even?

OK, while I try to restore my disturbed equilibrium and restart my poor overtaxed brain, here are a few things you can read elsewhere.


  1. says

    they don’t take naps

    You were in a pack of feral beasts, PZ. I marvel that you survived.

    Welcome back. I don’t think the kids did too much damage while you were gone.

  2. Iris says

    OK, the sinning I agree with, but you are so very wrong about the naps. That or sleeping till noon. Which might as well be the same thing.

  3. says

    Funnily enough, in a moment of mental vagueness I just typed in ‘’ by mistake in an attempt to reach this site, and got redirected to an evangelical Christian’s blog. Go figure.