Sweet, sweet move

PSA: The Countess has a new URL, so update your bookmarks. If you’re wondering what she writes about the latest post there is about Kama Sutra chocolate molds, which is just about perfectly representative, I think.

By the way, we learn that the source of those molds is a company in Chicago. Now at last the real motive for the YearlyKos convention’s locale in the Windy City is revealed — but then, we all knew the dirty hippies were into that free love thing.

I still wish I were there.


  1. says

    Thanks for the link, PZ. I wish I could find those chocolate molds, but I don’t think they’re available for sale.

    As far as YearlyKos goes, Flea at One Good Thing has her sex toys shop in Chicago, so maybe the YearlyKossacks go to Chicago for sex positions chocolates and vibrators. ;)