1. John C. Randolph says

    The last time O’Reilly really wanted to shut someone up, he paid her a pile of money. Google for “Andrea Mackris”.


  2. chris says

    “Excellent communicator, he was able to inspire hate from within large audiences of people”

    this was once said about… Adolf Hitler

    was wondering, does it apply to Bill ?

  3. Steve_C says

    When people go after O’Lylie he gets nuts. I love it. He will lie and attempt to intimidate, he can’t control himself. He’s the ultimate kind of scumbag bully. Who once he gets his ass kicked goes running to the police and tries to press charges.

    Like Al Franken said… “Bill… please please please sue me. Go ahead I dare ya.”

  4. Firemancarl says

    Wonder what would happen if we all dressed up in our “A” t shirts and stood outside the window on “Fox and Friends”????
    Gosh, O Reilly is such a shmuck!

  5. Chaoswes says

    He threatens Keith Olbermann all the time. Keith just laughs and then makes him the worst person in the world on his show.