A day on the town

Skatje has posted photos from our zoo trip yesterday, and they include the scariest butterfly you’ll ever see. It’ll give you nightmares.

We also visited the Pike Place Market, among other things. We have now discovered the secret way to Skatje’s heart, for all of you fanbois out there: “bright orange pants up to his nipples”. I was wondering how he talked her into actually trying some smoked salmon.


  1. MAJeff says

    darn, I was really hoping for pictures of a pretty guy in orange pants up to his nipples :(

  2. says

    Okay, the bright orange is a little unusual, but I know lots of guys who wear their pants up to their nipples. Of course, most of them are retired and consider “boi” to be a simple misspelling. I suspect they have rather little in common with Skatje’s smoked-salmon purveyor.

  3. Steviepinhead says

    Well, we were sorry to miss PZ and Skatje at the Jolly Roger (that is, we didn’t miss the JR, but unfortunately the Myers did…), though we got a good meal and a few fine drinkies out of it anyway.

    And there was the one curious fellow with the face full of tentacles. I approached him on the off chance that it was Paul in stealth mode, but–although he allowed as how his last name did start with ‘M’–he denied any connection with Morris or Minnesota.

    Hmmm. Could his full initials have been FSM? Nah, surely such a being, did he deign to visit us mere mortals, would’ve chosen to have gone wherever PZ and Skatje were, rather than where they were not…

  4. Edgar says


    And where will lay down eggs….perhaps on the tree of the life? :)

  5. Heidi says

    Hmm. If you’re still doing the town, perhaps we’ll cross paths at SFM today – we’re going on our annual-ish visit.

  6. Michele says

    I feel cheated. We were at Pike Place market last summer and the purveyors of wonderful smoked salmon samples weren’t wearing bright orange pants up to their nipples.

  7. Steff Z says

    Skatje somehow manages to make wearing everyday fisherman’s Grundens sound *so* Pride-Parade-y. Dude, that was two weekends back.

    How long are you guys staying? I was going to try to get you to come to the Aquarium with me (a not-really-random stranger), by bribing you with my hard-earned stack of free tickets. But I temporarily forgot to keep up with your blog, and hers. Drat.

    If I’ve missed you, I apologize. Maybe I can catch you next time you visit.
    (Cross-posting, slightly edited, at Skatje’s.)

  8. Steff Z says

    PS Two Giant Pacific octopodes, a red octopus (O. rubescens), and two Pharaoh sea cuttles on display right now.

    (If we have to say ‘sea stars’ and ‘sea jellies’ because they’re not fish, then I get to say ‘sea cuttles.’ Besides, they’re cuddly. As long as you’re not a smaller cuttlefish in the same tank.)

    Last week when I was feeding Andromeda (a GPO of about 35 lbs or maybe 4-5 gallons), she took not only the big ol’ yummy butter clam, but she kept the feeding stick, too. It took more than 30 min to get her to give it back. She had a lot more sucker disks engaged in the job than I had fingers to (gently) break the suction with. She even squirted me once. :^)
    Way smart, but not exactly *tractable* beasties.

  9. LeeLeeOne says

    PZ… and fans
    I have been recently informed that Paryngula is #1 web blog in science! This is not only due to PZ, his students, and fans, but the way this information is presented! Thanks to all!

    Visited the ‘PIKES’ market on my first visit (decades ago) to the Seattle area (helping family move between college semesters). I was introduced to the crowd who worked like my mom and dad; extremely hard work (for all of us), but we made ourselves happy, a self-satisfying life. Thanks for mentioning “pikes” and keeping up your masses to your vacation endeavors and the possibility to visit. It allows me to indulge myself in my memories energizing self-sustenance (maybe just what I need for CME’s are due at the end of September).

    May be off the “subject” but I loved your “butterfly” picture! Does anyone remember visiting Reptile Gardens, Rapid City, SD? Does anyone remember visiting Jellystone, in Custer, SD? You could take pictures of yourself in Fred, Wilma, Barny, Betty, etc., cutouts, much like PZ’s butterfly????