DL Overload

Whoa…there were a lot of people at Drinking Liberally last night, and I was rather overwhelmed with all of the introductions. How about if attendees use this thread to tell everyone and remind me of who you are—pass along links to your Seattle blog, too, or give us links to pictures.

It was a great evening, and the only blemish is that there are now about 50 more people who know that I’m not ten feet tall and that I don’t breathe fire.

You’re all going to be jealous as you learn who I met last night — the accounts (and photos) are trickling in. Other people at DL were:


  1. WCG says

    You don’t breathe fire? I’ve never met you, but I could swear I’ve seen the flames from here in Nebraska. :-)

  2. says

    I was there! I saw him!! I touched him!!! His kids are even better looking in real life than in all of the family photos and ridiculously well behaved.

    Sadly, I took no pictures, but tons of other fine content can still be found at archy.

  3. says

    You’re right, PZ. The crowd was quite large, with quite a few DL-newbies. And not all of the newbies were your posse!

    We’ve had larger throngs before, such as this January’s SOTU night. But this was a gloriously warm and sunny evening, the night before the July 4 holiday, and your visit wasn’t advertised among the locals. I guess it just means that Seattle DL is a big hit.

    Interestingly, a significant number of our well-known regular attendees weren’t there last night. Such as Goldy, Darryl (he’s an anthropologist at UW, and I’m sure would have really enjoyed hanging with you if he were in town this week), thehim, Michael, Dan, Lynn, and Mollie. And that’s just the bloggers who are regulars at DL … we have many other regulars, and there are quite a few local bloggers who aren’t DL habitues.

    Thanks for dropping in at Montlake. I’m happy to see that you had a good time, even if it was a bit noisy and a bit too large. Don’t be a stranger … c’mon back to the old hometown!

  4. Luis says


    Great to meet you.

    Don’t forget the ‘Blowback’ trilogy by Chalmers Johnson.

  5. Maronan says

    It was a great evening, and the only blemish is that there are now about 50 more people who know that I’m not ten feet tall and that I don’t breathe fire.

    Aw, that’s OK. Most of us skeptics already doubt your claims to pyroexhalation, but we all like you anyway!

    And the creationists will always believe you’re 10 feet tall and fire-breathing. That’s what faith is for, innit? After all, they do believe in dragons.

  6. says

    Hey PZ…thanks for stopping by last night. It certainly was a blast. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the evolution society meeting upcoming in Minneapolis. Make sure to pass along more details of how this works out…sounds like a great model.

  7. says

    It being the Fourth of July, I attended my small-town Independence Day Parade, and since my wife is a local Democratic activist, I ended up walking with all of the politicos. One of the complained that he had gone to the Seattle Drinking Liberally but “There was some famous science blogger there that night and it was so crowded it was impossible to do anything.” Poor fellow.

  8. says

    They still don’t know if you breathe fire or not. They just know that, for some reason, you refrained from doing so last night. (Use the excuse that there was too much alcohol about.)