1. Steve_C (Secular Elitist) FCD says

    Pikachu has been known to kicks some serious ass though.

  2. tony says

    I hate to say this…. but it is pikachu….

    Can it make lightning by any chance? it could be a whole new source of energy! (who wouldn’t prefer a cephalo-pod instead of a tesla car?)


  3. says

    There’s another kind of octopus, similar to this one in that it has very short tentacles, that looks *exactly* like a Pac-Man ghost. Somewhere at home I’ve got a video of one of the little buggers blooping along the sea floor. It’s adorable!

  4. Great White Wonder says

    This just isn’t good enough. I need to know which rock star.

    I think it depends on whose perspective you’re taking. From the fundie perspective, you’re Mick Jagger circa 1968, corrupting the youth and spreading the seeds of hedonism with your repugnant drivel.

    From my perspective: Tori Amos.

  5. paranoid octopus says

    WTF, I’m trendsurfing again! I just became a cirrate (esp. Grimpoteuthis) enthusiast when I ran across their tolweb page a month or two ago…now they’re the latest Internet fad? Why does this always happen? I swear, someone’s following me. Enough to make me paranoid, it is.

  6. Great White Wonder says

    I find it odd that neither this site or Panda’s Thumb is making a bigger issue out of that fact that three Republican candidates for Presidency are pig ignorant fundies willing to admit publically that they are prepared to spit in the face of scientific facts.

    What are we fighting for?

  7. stogoe says

    GWW, it’s because we’re not surprised. They’re so completely and utterly far from reality that it’s useless to reach them. They’re at odds with America on every issue, and they cannot realize it.

    Other observations which should be on the other thread:

    McCain sees the hand of gawd in the grand canyon, giving him his yearly rubout.

    Ron Paul is the only one even looking in the direction of reality.

  8. Teresa says


    You’ll be happy to know that my nine-year-old says “That’s CUTER than Pikachu”

  9. Steve says

    Shhhh, grimpoteuthis could develope an irreducible complex. Sorry, but I just had to.

  10. SEF says

    It’s very cute – and it has the notable advantage of actually being real.

  11. Patrick Quigley says

    If your name begins with “grim” and you still get compared to pikachu there really is no hope.