Woo hoo III!

Knocked another one down — I finished the grades for the last exam in my genetics course (there is still an optional final next Friday). This was an important one, because I promised myself that if I could get them all done this afternoon, I would let myself go to the local theater to watch Spiderman 3 tonight. Those little internal incentives help a lot!


  1. stogoe says

    Do you want spoilers? I forfeited productivity at work today to go see it with a college buddy just this previous midnight.

    I enjoyed it, but he, the quintessential canon-whore, started picking nits as soon as the credits rolled. I mean, I can nit-pick with the best of them, but I kinda like to take my time and savor the rush of watching something sweet before I go back and revisit whether it was really the movie or just the movie-going.

  2. Tukla in Iowa says

    If I see a “Woo hoo IV!” in my RSS feed tonight, I’m just going to assume it’s because PZ wrapped up the evening by getting laid.

  3. Hank Fox says

    Like any TRUE Spider-Man fan, I went to the midnight showing on Thursday. :D

    I predict major bitching, sniping and nit-picking from all those who don’t understand the concept of “movie.”

    But I liked it.

  4. Steve_C (Secular Elitist) FCD says

    Try not to look at the car wreck of a post.

    Besides the fact that Nietzche was a little confused and unbalanced at the end of his life.

  5. Christian Burnham says

    I hear that in this one Peter Parker lays eggs and then eats Mary Jane.

  6. Efogoto says

    ‘… eats Mary Jane.”

    So this is the porno version?


  7. Stogoe says

    We had optional finals back when I went to college. As I understand the concept, if your grade for coursework was at a point where neither taking nor skipping the final affects your letter grade either way, then it’s ‘optional’.

  8. OptimusShr says

    My high school had something similar to an optional final. If Seniors had a high enough marks and the teacher allowed it, a student could be exempt from taking the final for that class. I was able to avoid a few of them.