And the winner is…

It was a tough decision in the contest to design a fabulous new Darwin Fish. I admit that I was partial to the designs that included cephalopods, but the other judges (who I was tempted to call Paula and Randy) kept coming back to those chordate-derived designs. We did finally achieve consensus, however, on an excellent fishy logo that I would be proud to slap on my car. And the winner is…

You’ll just have to go look to find out.


  1. Angler says

    I don’t entirely understand the winning design. Something ate the Jesus fish? I think the “jump the shark” fish hit the nail on the head.

  2. TAW says

    he he he… that’s great. I’d love to be able to put that in my car too (especially since it would mean I have a car in the first place!).

    However… what exactly does this have to do with darwin/evolution? that’s more like an atheist fish/antichrist fish, not a darwin fish.

  3. says

    I don’t think I really get the winner either… besides, those last couple designs were really kind of cool, although I’d think they were some sort of Klingon thing at first glance.

  4. says

    You might not believe this, but my high school Spanish teacher was named Darwin Fish. He was also an observant Mormon. And he had a glass eye. And also, he was narcoleptic. Swear to God.

  5. TAW says

    I especially like crucifish redux, the science fiction fish, and the fish massage one.

  6. notthedroids says

    So y’all decided to depict one of the fish Jesus used to feed the five thousand, AFTER it had been bitten into?

    Odd choice.

  7. BJN says

    I do think the least crappy (the adjective, not the species) fish won. Contributors, keep your day jobs.

    Now I’d love to put a photo of a glass-eyed narcoleptic Mormon Spanish teacher on my car. We need a photo of Mr. Darwin Fish. No caption. Make folks ask you who that guy is stuck to your car.

  8. Kseniya says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t get it.

    You’re not. The winning fish was tasty enough, but a short time later I found I was hungry again.

    I’d love to put a photo of a glass-eyed narcoleptic Mormon Spanish teacher on my car.

    And that makes you different from the rest of the world… how?

  9. B says

    I want the Tiktaalik fish (#37)! I have a genuine Darwin fish (TM) now but I’d replace it with a Tiktaalik fish. ;-)

  10. GodfreyTemple says

    This IS my day job, thank you. *harumph* ;)

    And thank you, minusRusty.
    I’m still looking for a good image host (apart from deviantArt).

    I know, says it all doesn’t it?

    I was quite suprised by the outcome. The popular favorite was the DNA fish.

    My own submissions (Null fish and Fish food) seemed solid, but perhaps a bit dull. Fish food is the old fashioned fish…with a bite taken out of it. Fairly militant, that. Or at least I thought so.

  11. Ichthyic says

    So y’all decided to depict one of the fish Jesus used to feed the five thousand, AFTER it had been bitten into?

    Odd choice.

    like most xians, you seem to think the fish symbol’s source is in xianity.

    but it ain’t. it’s a truly pagan symbol co-opted (like much of the rest of pagan religions) by xianity.

    go look up “vesica pisces”.

    here’s a sample:

    now tell your friends.

  12. Ichthyic says

    arrgh. damn code. put the first two lines of my previous post as quoted from nottheroids

  13. says

    Congratulations to the winner and to all those who participated. Thanks to Inkling for hosting the competition. It was fun. I should have won, but what the hey!

    Actually, I think the winning design is the best design – it is sharp, sweet and to the point.

  14. BlueIndependent says

    Aww! I actually kinda feel for the dead, chomped-on fish. I think the winner should’ve been a wittier example.

  15. MartinC says

    I’m afraid I dont personally find it an improvement on the original Darwin fish (the design, not the creepy teacher) but I didnt think any of the other entries managed that either.

  16. says

    I know I’m biased, because my son’s design did not make it, but I also don’t see what the tasty fish has to do with evolution. I told my son specifically that the theme was to show evolution, and it’ll be tough to explain this one to him.

  17. Carlie says

    My two favorites are the Wallace fish and the teapot fish. I can see how the teapot might be hard to engineer as a stick-on medallion, but as a bumper sticker it would be easy. CafePress, anyone?

  18. OsakaGuy says

    I thought the Haggard fish was hilarious! The Mormon fishes were great too. But if I was choosing a “serious” winner it would have been the DNA fish.

  19. GodfreyTemple says

    I thought it was going to be the DNA fish too.

    If it’s any consolation, Ring of Fire wants to do that one as well.

  20. Carlie says

    C’mon, Chris, cafepress the Wallace fish for me. You know you want to, right? I’m sure you’d sell 10 or 15 of them…

  21. Patrick Quigley says

    Congratuations, Godfrey. I look forward to buying a Fish Food emblem.

    Thanks to those of you who liked my Russell’s Teapot design. (I decide later that I liked it better without the base. It looks more ‘fishy’ that way.) Carlie, I think I will do a Cafe Press site for it. Give me a few days, though, I’m dealing with a sick child right now.