1. rob says

    Great shirt!

    The only problem is that is resembles the anarchists emblem. Of course, now that there may be some confusion between the two, the anarchists will have to change due to not wanting to be identified with anything! ;-}

  2. says

    Attractive, but I’m not really sure why I would want to advertise someone else’s blog. If I was going to buy an atheist t-shirt, I’ve seen several designs I like better. Then again, I have little desire to be assaulted over my t-shirt.

  3. MYOB says

    The great bloody painful welts will come from the impact of all the dirty looks someone will get for wearing it in public in most bible belt states.
    Where I’m at wearing that will probably get you thrown out of the house. Not because your family doesn’t want you but because they fear the consquences should a neighbor see you walk in with it on.


  4. says

    I’m not really sure why I would want to advertise someone else’s blog

    It’s advertising, which is an online community rather than someone’s personal blog, and why wouldn’t you want to advertise that!!

  5. Ex-drone says

    Not only does “A” stand for atheist, but it could represent the grade you would get for critical thinking. By extension, I propose a similar t-shirt with “F” for fundamentalist.

  6. Whalehugger says

    I really like the design, simple and straightforward. Problem is, it only goes to XL, and I need at least a 2X. Sigh.

  7. Observer says

    Red and black…I like it, but I’d like it better without the website address. Take off the addy and I’ll buy one.

  8. Observer says

    Hmm, I’m thinking about this shirt some more. I wasn’t for the symbol-on-a-blog bit, but when someone presents a concrete idea in this fashion, I like it. See, if all the sudden all these t-shirts popped up around the countries somebody would get wind of it and write about it, at least on the web. The idea would be referred back to, thus publicity that way instead of in such a blatant way that detracts from the otherwise “mystery” of it (and potential conversations). Folks might think there are a bunch of adulterers out there, but I’m not an adulterer, are you? It would be amusing. :-)

  9. Travis says

    Have you made sure you are using a current version of Firefox? I have been able to see the page using Firefox in both Linux and Windows.

  10. craig says

    “Have you made sure you are using a current version of Firefox?”

    yep. Though maybe its NoScript that’s doing it, although I didn’t get alerted to any scripts trying to run.

  11. wx says

    A good t-shirt doesn’t advertise so obviously. My suggestion: keep the A, nix the url. And maybe try one with a smaller A. The the hipsters might wear it, and people pay attention to their t-shirts.

  12. speedwell says

    Excellent that they’re offering larger sizes. In fact, they offer up to the precise size I requested for my friend. Now that makes me feel really good, both because someone listened, and because it will make my friend happy to be included.

  13. BT Murtagh says

    My objection to the simple red A is that it isn’t obvious enough what it is supposed to stand for, particularly if the viewer doesn’t know who the “Richard Dawkins” of is. (Yes, there are people who don’t!) For all some people would know, you might be bragging about your adultery not your atheism/agnosticism.

    I have several atheist tees, my favorite being my “American Atheist” baseball jersey from which I wear often here in South Carolina. It gets a few looks but that’s about the extent of the hassle it brings me, and this is a definitely a Bible Belt state.

  14. Alice says

    Love the Dawkins shirt but where’s the Pharyngula design (The one with the giant P formed by sensuous yet menacing tentacles)?