Did I say it was St Patrick’s Day? I was mistaken…it is actually AIR KRAKEN DAY!


While you’re celebrating with excessive imbibage today, keep scanning the skies—about the time you fall over backwards and your eyes are glazing and defocusing, you might just spot the fabulous air kraken gliding overhead.

It’s been a light week for cephalopod art, and I just have a few more examples below the fold.

Someone in Hawaii needs to find this, buy it, and ship it to me:


This splendid image is actually how I see myself—it’s very revealing.



  1. natural cynic says

    Air kraken looks like he is about to avenge centuries of oppression by the limey bastards.

  2. SEF says

    They are all very good. What is the best “paper” material for underwater books though? It also looks very much as if the naughty shark has snapped that pencil.

  3. says

    I just recently read The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham. I can only presume that is what this refers to. In the book, red orbs from outer space fall into deep ocean trenches. Then, from those trenches, the human race is attacked by intergalactic squid with their sea tanks and sticky tentacles.

    Sky Kraken. Fear.

  4. says

    I sent you a bit of political cephelart the other day. Or at least, I thought I did. Second cartoon from the top at HYPNOCRITES. (Comments here won’t take images). It’s two different octopi (pl?), Octopus vulgaris and Octopus REALLY vulgaris.


  5. Nix says

    I’m afraid I have terrible news.

    I was right where that picture was taken just today (had to go somewhere after hitting Foyles’ for more books) and there was no squid in the sky, just a giant floating sperm whale.

    Nature is harsh sometimes.

  6. Paguroidea says

    What wonderful colorful art of the octopus reading the books! Oh, all the books one could hold with those tentacles. Then one would just need extra sets of eyes for reading.

  7. sinned34 says

    The sepia tones in the first picture reminds me of the glory of Guinness… Or perhaps I’ve had too many this fine St. Paddy’s Day! Damn my Irish heritage and too much beer and whiskey!

    Responding on blogs when drunk is a sad, pathetic activity, isn’t it? Almost as pathetic as making pro-ID comments…