1. joltvolta says

    I like how he compared abstinence-only sex education with “just hold it” potty training.

  2. AlanW says

    Isn’t abstinence-only sex education an enjoinder to “just hold it” rather than putting it anywhere near anyone else? I thought the fundies were all about how sinful masturbation is?

  3. Masklinn says

    > Won’t “holding it” for too long lead to fatal ruptures?

    Yeah baby, I think you know where I’m blue ;)

    PZ > If you haven’t already, you should check the other videos of Zimmerman ( some are just fantastic, I think the ones I like best are “Defenders of Mariage” and “Dick Cheney”, both are brilliant

  4. mothra says

    The classic case of holding it was Tycho Brahe, that meticulous observational astronomer, whose data formed the basis for Kepler’s 3 laws of planetary motion. It seems that Brahe was at a dinner party, resisted natures’ call and died of septicemia from a ruptured bladder.

  5. MarkP says

    What’s amazing is how many nitwits chant “abstinence is the only 100% method of avoiding pregnancy and disease”, as if rape and tragedies like Ryan White don’t exist.

  6. Kseniya says

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the people who so avidly promoted abstinence actually practiced it? The whole misguided mindset would all but vanish in the course of a generation.

  7. Hope Dundas says

    Oh man, how wonderful – I loved The Foremen and was lucky enough to see them live before they broke up. Thanks for reminding me that Roy’s still doing his thing. :)

    ~ Hope, in Ann Arbor, MI

  8. says

    Practically the only thing I know about abstinence-only education is that one of our provinces tried it, with the result that they had the highest level of illegitimate births.