Really, it’s just the blink of an eye on a geological scale

Whoa, I asked for poems for my birthday, I got poems. That was quite a response, and it had me regretting the fact that I didn’t demand money. I could have retired by now.

On top of that, GrrlScientist, Bora, and Archy are compiling lists of birthday greetings, so I can just pop over there and browse through everything you people have written. It brings a tear to the eye, it does, especially since this is a day demanding I do lots and lots of work and not leaving me much time for cruising through the web.

Next week, though, I’ll return the favor: there’s Lynn Margulis’s blog tour on Monday, and since it’s Spring break and I’ll actually be able to relax with some free time, I’ve got a couple of science posts to scribble up — cool stuff with weird invertebrates.


  1. scott says

    Readers interested in Margulis’ decent from the HIV=AIDS dogma should note that there is a new article discussing this issue in the latest New Yorker. It focuses particularly on Peter Douchebag (I mean Duesberg – sorry) and the South African Government.

  2. scott says

    should read: “dissent” not decent… if had said “indecent” I suppose it would have been Freudian !!!

  3. Kseniya says

    Happy Birthday! You’re only three months older than my dad. You guys could have been classmates.

    Keep up the good work, enjoy life, and here’s to another fruitful fifty, Dr. Myers!

  4. fusilier says

    Only fifty?

    fusilier, who’s been using AARP mailers as landfill for some time now.
    James 2:24

  5. says

    Aha! We have a birthday in common. I past the half-century mark four years ago with no fanfare.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Eamon Knight says

    Hah, you old fogey! *I* don’t pass the Big Five-Oh for almost another three months!

    Happy B’day ;-).

  7. Smart_Cookie says

    I see that your Birthday message is prominently displayed on Richard Dawkins’ site. Aren’t you special!!

    Hey, you deserve it. Hope you rock on for another 50.

    Cheers. Best Wishes. Happy B-Day.

  8. Niobe says

    You’re a single day older than Osama bin Laden. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but there it is.

  9. Theo Bromine says

    Happy Birthday, PZ. Since this isn’t the poem thread, I’ll use that as an excuse not to write one. But maybe you’d like to have some of this cake. I don’t think Chuck would mind sharing.

  10. Steveyd says

    So back in August I discover that I share a birthday with your daughter. I don’t find too many of those August 30th birthday people. And what do I find today when I pull up the ol’ Pharyngula? You share a birthday with my wife. Strange universe, this, no?

  11. Crudely Wrott says

    Happy Birthday, PZ. Live long and prosper.

    Isn’t it striking to reflect on the subjectively perceived length of the second quarter century versus the first? Welcome to your sixth decade. I suspect you’ll enjoy it.

    And thank you for this blog and your insane rate of posting and the long overdue threads of needful and quite satisfyingly challenging comments that have been instigated.