1. Erik says

    I’m new here, but I’m curious about the “obsession” with Squid. Is it due to them being involved in a famous evolution debate? Or an inside joke that we evolved from a squid-like creatures many years ago? Or that human embryos look similar to those of squids? Or am I just missing the point?

  2. Chuck C says

    And what happens to the kid when the cephalopod hugs him back?

    A little payback for all of that calamari ;-)

  3. bpower says

    I think it ’cause they’re evolved along a completely different path than our own. They’re like alien, intelligent predators that can change colours an’ shit. What’s not to like?

  4. M says

    Simply put – they’re cool *and* Cthulhuesque.
    I still think we should try to captive-breed longer-lived octopi and see if we can work on increasing intelligence, though.

  5. darrell says

    My wife and I took our 3 year old twins (boy & girl) out to eat at an Italian place a couple of weeks ago. We ordered calamari, a big platter with rings and tentacle clusters. Neither of the kids ate a bit of their dinners, pizza and ravioli, but man did they eat the heck out of that calamari! They loved it! I was a little surprised, but probably should not have been. After all they both like to tell me, when I am trying to get them to eat more vegetables, “but dad, I’m a carnivore!” (they like cats and like to think of themselves as cats)

  6. says

    Squid are anti-cuddly. It’s why they’re cool, and it’s also why the comic works.

    I think a captive breeding program to increase cephalopod intelligence would be a fantastic idea . . . right up until the point where they rebel and kill us all. Maybe we should just shoot for getting them to the level of bright golden retrievers or something.

  7. Melissa G says

    Just today, my three-year-old asked if we had any octopus pants.

    I am TOTALLY going to make him some octopus pants!!!

  8. Carlie says

    The potential effects of pants made out of an octopus sounds like a Newberry award-winning book waiting to be banned, if you ask me.