1. James says

    Phil’s being sneaky here. Dunno if you know the legend, but “E pur si muove” is supposedly what Galileo said under his breath after the Church forced him to recant publicly. It’s an astronomer’s version of “…not!” :)

  2. James says

    …forgot to mention, for those who aren’t familiar with it, “E pur sui muove” is Italian for “And yet, it [the Earth] moves”.

  3. says

    Politicians everywhere rejoice: being spineless is OK.

    That slide is priceless. Someone needs to start a Cephalopodufascism movement.

  4. Christian Burnham says

    That’s hilarious!

    It’s only because of your little internecine competition with the BA that I started reading this blog.

    If the BA says that evolution may be true, then I’m willing to believe it.

  5. says

    I… Can’t… Stop… Laughing…

    It hurts. That’s just hilarious. I’d have loved to have seen how he set up that slide.

  6. David says

    Glad you liked the picture. The Amazing Meeting has been awesome so far. I finally got to meet James Randi, Hal Bidlack and the other people from the JREF, as well as many of the people I admire and respect from the JREF forum. Now, on top of the fun and exciting things this week, two of my favorite bloggers, you and GrrlScientist, have some of my pictures on their blogs on the same day.

    They have announced that the next TAM will be in Vegas again, this time in June, so I hope you will consider attending as a speaker. I would love to have the chance to meet you and I think you would have a lot to offer the conference.


    ps. Thanks for the ID on the baby fish picture I sent you a few days ago. I saw a few more of them, but they all got eaten when they swam away from the glass. For some reason, the other fish would not eat them when they were on the glass.

  7. JohnnieCanuck says

    Both ‘E pur’ and ‘Eppur’ are common usages. How funny it would have been if BA’s version had not meant what he thought it did.

    Seems like it is his way of speaking with more than one tentacle around his mouth.

    Great fun.

  8. DavidByron says

    Looks a little like that Stephen Colbert “on notice” list or the one with the church message board you can just edit.

    Talking of Colbert, is someone calling you a “factist”? is that what I ma seeing there? “PZ is not a factist”?

  9. Sastra says

    I was also at TAM5, sitting in front just out of range of the camera shot here, and had anticipated Phil’s public crow-eating. He set it up very nicely, beginning his talk (which was on the role the media played in encouraging the belief that the moon landing was a hoax) by briefly explaining the nature of the contest, who PZ Myers was, and why he was now going to put up the following visual. It was very funny, though I would have been interested in seeing a show of hands of people who knew in advance about the scienceblogs feud. I would guess less than half (there were a few folk at the convention who had never heard of the Onion or South Park, either, though the writers were there.)

    Phil made a big point that he was going to try to get you to attend TAM6. I really hope you do. I voted for you, and I *know* Phil. And had seen his Skepchick calendar picture. And visit his blog. But I come here more often.