A busy day

I had sushi with John Scalzi (some guy), Skatje (some girl), and Matt Arnold (a Pensacola Christian College graduate) last night, talked with people for a long time, hung out with noisy nerds, and stayed up later than I usually do. Today is my big day of scheduled panels: alternate patterns of evolution at 11, an evidence for evolution Q&A at 2, Squidblogging at 3, and we’ll attempt to answer the question of where the aliens are at 4. Then it’s partying all night long.

Who knew skiffy geeks could be such wild and crazy party animals?


  1. W. Kevin Vicklund says

    alternate patterns of evolution at 11

    Aaagh! I didn’t see that on the schedule. I hope I can get there in time.

  2. Hymnen says

    Skatje parrots your very speech. You either indoctrinated her, or she imprinted on you.

    And she has your potty mouth.

  3. says

    “Skiffy?” If that is a reference to what I think it is, you are juggling a huge can of acrimonious annelids. My wife is heavily involved in fandom and that divide has ended in phaser fire….

  4. Russell says

    Well, PZ, I did my bit to help with Skatje’s indoctrination. Let’s hope she comes to learn the beauty of differentials, integrals, and the mean-value theorem. I understand we can’t expect everyone to stand in awe of point-set topology or to grok Gödel. But if we can encourage her just a little way along the path..


  5. says

    A few of my dear friends are there as well (Jennifer Woelke and Liz Trumitch, if you happen to meet them).

    Have fun!

  6. Dusty59 says

    Oh, my! I grew up (only so to speak) in Pensacola… have as much distaste for PCC/PCS as I do the bomb making Assembly of God-ers there.
    Checking out his web page, Matt indeed would be an interesting person to chat with!

  7. Tom McCann says

    Wow! If you haven’t already read Matt Arnold’s eloquent description of fascism in his blog, I urge you to do so. Follow the link above. Excellent stuff.

  8. ts says

    “Skatje parrots your very speech. You either indoctrinated her, or she imprinted on you.

    And she has your potty mouth.”

    Careful PZ Skatje will take your audience.

  9. says

    Scalzi’s a good egg. It’s always nice to see a couple of my favorite bloggers collide over raw fish. Oh to be a fly on that chopstick.