Help Gary Farber

Gary Farber of Amygdala is in a crisis, both financially and in his health. This is such a waste: Gary is one of the all time great online raconteurs with a long history of bloggy productivity and the respect of swarms of other internet personalities. If someone were setting up a weblog franchise similar to scienceblogs, they ought to snap him up to anchor their site—he’s that good. And at this point, the tiny amount he’s asking for means he’ll work for cheap.

Help him out however you can. And if you’re looking for an interesting and provocative commentator, hire him!


  1. Nix says

    Done (with the exchange rate and all it would be caddish of me not to, and he’s a damn good blogger when he’s on a roll). Alas PayPal just gives me `abort’ errors when I try to subscribe, but I can fake it by shoving one-offs his way every month.

    (PayPal, the worst website on earth — except for all the others.)