Reason #8 to vote for Pharyngula


People, you aren’t doing your part. Yesterday, I had an almost 600 vote lead over the star-gazing bone-bag; this morning, it has narrowed rapidly to little more than 200. At this rate, he’s going to catch up and pass me today, and then the suppression of the majority invertebrates will continue to be perpetuated by this wicked chordatecentric minority. Vote, vote, vote!

How is he accomplishing these gains? There’s the kitten factor, of course: by laying on the cute, he mobilizes the shallow masses who like superficial, pretty fluff (not my constituency, obviously). In his latest missive, he also engages in most egregious flattery.

I also know I have the most honest, wonderful, and — let’s face it — best-looking readers in the observable Universe (and that includes the depths of the ocean), so I know you’ll help out in this time of need.

Consider the flip side of that comment, though: he has also called you readers and supporters of Pharyngula dishonest, horrible, and ugly. How can you vote for someone who abuses you all so? Don’t you want to see him crushed?

Another factor is that he seems to be mobilizing his minions, asking them to display a truly hideous banner and urging their readers to vote for his blog. Well, two can play that game. Here are some tasteful banners/badges featuring Iridoteuthis or Wonderpus you can put on your blog if you voted for Pharyngula: use them freely, and tell all your friends to join in.

Copy and paste this code into your website for the small badge:

<div style="width:90; text-align: center;"><a href=""><img alt="pharyngula badge" title="Vote for Pharyngula in the Weblog Awards" src="" width="88" height="33" /></a><br /><span style="font-size: 10px"><a href="">Vote</a> <a href="">Pharyngula</a>!</span></div>

Copy and paste this code into your website for the larger banner:

<div style="width:290; text-align: center;"><a href=""><img alt="pharyngula banner" title="Vote for Pharyngula in the Weblog Awards" src="" width="280" height="72" /></a><br /><span style="font-size: 14px"><a href="">Vote</a> for <a href="">Pharyngula</a>!</span></div>

If you prefer, you can use the compelling hypnotic power of the Wonderpus to force your readers to vote for me. Obey the Wonderpus!

<div style="width:290; text-align: center;"><a href=""><img alt="hypno_pharyngula.jpg" src="" width="300" height="80" /></a><br /><span style="font-size: 14px"><a href="">Vote</a> for <a href="">Pharyngula</a>!</span></div>

Vote for Pharyngula (and remember, you can vote every day!). Unless you like ugly banners and being insulted.

P.S. Oh, yeah, and vote for Anyone But Althouse in the Best Centrist Blog category. I’m pushing for The Moderate Voice.


  1. Mark UK says

    From one of the posters at (which I like) comes this opinion: (made me laugh anyway)

    ttyler5: “If you visit pharyngula…”

    No thanks. I find it difficult to read the musings of a bollix brained demagogic self proclaimed daemon and demigod.

    For that type of nonsense, there are others far more brilliant and much more interesting than Meyers, who for all practical purposes is little more than a human parasite sucking the high purpose and reason, out of the Academy. Who is clearly surrounding himself with a bizarre and addled minded cult of personality.

    With that said, perhaps in time, I’ll be able to loosen up a bit more and be better able to more fully express my true contempt for those more like Meyers, and his ilk…

    Check back with me later ;-)

  2. Mark UK says

    There are some interesting commenters regarding religion there if you ever feel the need to punish yourself! The site itself is an interesting general science blog. Like a good pub with some interesting regulars…

    Anyway, being both a demigod and a human parasite is an interesting career move.

  3. says

    “Consider the flip side of that comment, though: he has also called you readers and supporters of Pharyngula dishonest, horrible, and ugly.”

    That is a ridiculous distortion of reality. In truth, many people here read my blog as well.

  4. Scott Hatfield says

    PZ: What a pity you never had a chance to work for the Daley machine in it’s heyday…SH

  5. Kyra says

    Ooookay, here’s where I come off as a superficial person who likes the pretty fluff:

    That octopus graphic on the third banner = lovely.

    Oh, wait, you said something about the hypnotic power of the wonderpus. Cancel the superficial pretty-fluff part of the comment.

    Must . . . make . . . lovely . . . octopus . . . happy . . .

  6. Ichthyic says

    Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas.


    You of course meant:

    Merry Cephalopodamus


  7. says

    You’ve got my vote, PZ (several times over, in fact). (And I’m totally putting that third banner on my blog – sooo… pretty… must… obey!) A Merry Cephalopodmas to all, and to the non-Pharyngulites, a crushing defeat!