Yakkety yak

So…I’m on this chat room thingie. Anyone else want to join in?

Is it more interesting if I say Mary and Skatje are there, too?

I’m out of that madhouse now…time to go to the theater. We’ll have to try it again sometime, but I suspect we’re going to have to move to IRC to cope with the volume.


  1. says

    Entertaining, but chaotic. Not being able to kick impersonators and that one spammer is also pretty annoying.
    Still, we should do that again.

    The DALnet channel is mostly dead, because the guy who registered it hasn’t been around in a while and there are no other ops, and a channel of any real size on DALnet attracts far too many idiots to be manageable without ops.

    I’ve registered #pharyngula on ZiRC (irc.zirc.org), if you want to use it. If nothing else, it’ll have Skatje in it 24/7, since most of the other channels she frequents are also on ZiRC.
    ZiRC is also large enough to be reliable but small enough to not have a serious spammer/troll problem.

  2. says

    There are a few people there now. For those who don’t want to deal with setting up an IRC client, there are browser-based ways to get there too, though that kind of defeats the point.

    Still, if you want that, go here and replace #ZiRC in one of those boxes with #pharyngula. Java-based IRC is annoying as hell, but CGI:IRC is pretty acceptable.

  3. Cyde Weys says

    Definitely agreed that IRC is a better solution for this. I was chatting with Skatje in #pharyngula earlier today; that worked perfectly well.

  4. Azkyroth says

    There are an enormous variety of browser-based and other IRC clients (GAIM, Trillian, and some other third-party multi-network Instant Messenging packages have them), most of which I avoid like the plague due to an emotional attachment to mIRC’s scripting capabilities. I might find an excuse to drop by the ZIRC channel, but as I find that IM, one forum, and two blogs take enough of a bite out of my productivity as it is…