It’s just like being there

The Twin Cities were
infested with a rather noxious parasite this week: Dobson and his crew of holy bible-thumpers. I know the Minnesota Atheists were out protesting, but Eva and Avidor actually attended the event, and came back with videos. So, if you really want to see Gary Bauer again, or watch the crowds swoon over James Dobson, Lloyletta has the YouTube links.


  1. jfs says

    Ugh. What contemptable human beings. At least we can take some solace in the fact that it was bumped out of the Xcel Center due to lack of interest, and I think the final stop on this tour of tripe was entirely cancelled. At the first stop, they screened off a large portion of the stadium to conceal how many empty seats there were.

  2. says

    Don’t forget Ken Ham in the Twin Cities Oct. 28!


    Oh, Arden Hills. Not on a bus line. That won’t stop me!

    I say that we go in Halloween costumes, MN Atheist friends.

  3. says

    Oh man, I just watched those clips of Dobson and Bauer and now I have the urge to just hand myself over to their religious fundamentalism… I mean, if I was able to, I wouldn’t have felt so sick after watching that cr*p.