1. kmiers says

    I have TWO ribbons. One says “God Bless Jingoist Ribbons” and the other says “God Bless the Magnetic Ribbon Industry”. I did not get them at Wal-Mart. (What is Wal-Mart? I have never EVER shopped there. And I don’t plan to start.)

  2. says

    Ahhh…The Spankers. Good to see their reach is far and wide. They apparently recorded this earlier this year at Ruta Maya, a coffeehouse here in Austin. They’ve been going strong with varied lineups since the mid-90’s.

    Interesting factoid, both Scott Marcus and Wammo were in Rick Linklater’s Slacker, another well-known Austin export. Scott’s in the Madonna pap smear scene and Wammo’s the guy who throws everyone out of the bar near the end of the film.

  3. Joshua says

    I can’t actually see the subject here (at work, no Flash, plus I block most Javascript, which tends to kill YouTube), but the title of this post immediately made me think of dark magic rituals. Although I guess at this point the Iraq War is generating plenty enough blood and death to satisfy even the most insatiable of evil entities.

  4. Emkay says

    That’s gotta be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen and heard–what genius. Thanx for sharing! No stinking ribbons here!

  5. Keanus says

    I love the irony that most of those ribbons are made in China, including the pro-life ones I see on the cars of the pickets at our local Planned Parenthood health center. And the same people rail about China. Maybe we need to get the Chinese to make irony meters for the masses.

  6. says

    The problem is worse than that. The ribbons were initially made by a small company in the US that gave half their profits to a charity for soldiers. Because this company was the only one doing this they had high demand and quickly expanded. Then Walmart et al. decided that they could get the ribbons for only a fraction of the cost if they had them made in China. The US company couldn’t compete and had to downsize and could no long give to charity.


  7. Ichthyic says

    that sounds like a story for Lewis Black to cover on the Daily Show!

    Fubar, indeed.

    what’s even more fubar, from my perspective, is that it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

  8. gravitybear says

    The other day I was behind an SUV that perfectly exemplified the sentiment behind ‘the ribbons.’ They had two yellow ribbons. One was so faded (since the war has gone on so long) that they obviously had to get a new one. But they also had a third ribbon … for the Florida Gators!
    I thought it perfectly captured the mentality: Root for the troops because they are the ‘home team’ but you don’t really have to take it too seriously, I mean, don’t let it inconvenience you in any way.

  9. says

    I worked a month for an ex-marine who ran a phone room in sandiego behind the sports area he was insane and he was mean and he made people cry and he made us sell those sell those magnets to business people across the country…