1. says

    He’s not strange, he looks perfectly healthy! Awwwww!!! Damn, you’re just TRYING to be Cute Overload, aren’t you?

    I used to hand feed my cockatiels, who look exactly like smaller versions of this guy.

    S/he’s cute, but makes a sound like a truck backing over a chain link fence!

  2. says

    Awww…someone knit him a sweater.

    Although I have such a strange response to pet birds. A friend of mine has a neighbor with a pet duck. I love ducks, they’re so matter of fact with their quacking it’s cute. But part of my brain is always looking at them thinking, “Gee I bet that animal’s delicious!”

  3. says

    I use those simulations in my “biology of birds and reptiles” class, and must add this picture to my lecture as well!

    Thanks for pointing to them.

  4. j says

    Oh, boy, automatic translators. I cannot stand them.

    That is so cute! I think it was cuter before it grew feathers. I’m developing a bias against Mammalia. Thanks a lot, PZ.

  5. SEF says

    My Spanish isn’t really good enough for the original yet (although I think I caught some things the auto-translation didn’t). However, if I order pollo, I’m not expecting it to look like that! That one’s far too underdone. :-D

  6. profgrrrrl says

    OMG, that is just the cutest little birdie ever.

    Why do so many people fall for puppies and kittens when baby birds look like this?

  7. SteveyD says

    I’m taking an Ornithology course this semester and we watched those very same simulations just last week. However, I was having a bit of a hard time actually picturing a little bird covered in pointy tube-like developing feathers. Problem solved.

  8. Falkino says

    Hello! I’m a spanish visitor hehehe

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  9. says

    Those sim animations are fabulous. I learned something new today; thanks PZ (and Matthew).

    Ah the paradox of baby birds- ugly beyond belief but yet so cute…

    So true! I just want to nuzzle that li’l guy :-)

  10. sparky says

    I have just finished of to return from the site in Spanish. My English will be forever ruined.

    My friend Japanese says: All your birds are belong to us.