“nighty-night PowerBook key-banger”

The secret life of married couples is exposed by Belle Waring: my wife and I also sit up late at night in bed with our laptops.

If you’re distressed at the idea that what you’re reading was composed by a PZ in dishabille, though, no worries. I only browse and read in bed, and don’t actually write.


  1. says

    This is something my M.Sc. supervisor used to do. I occassionally look after his house and dogs when he and his family go away. I found these strange, padded structures in the bedroom one day, and decided I didn’t want to know.

    He called it a “husband”. Now he complains of back pain and won’t use his laptop in bed any more.

  2. Brian says

    Rather than laptops, my wife and I usually end up reading until all hours in bed. “Just a chapter more,” I lie, and before I know it I’m half way through “The Hunt for the Dawn Monkey” by Chris Beard and she’s asleep with “The Flamingo’s Smile” in her hand. All the same, it’s nice to be married to someone who shares and celebrates how nerdy I am.

  3. JaysonB says

    “nighty-night PowerBook key-banger”

    Am I the only one who read this and initially thought that it would make a great quote from a movie?

    you know, the good-but-doesn’t-play-by-the-rules cop finally has the cuban drug smuggler’s back against the wall of his ocean-front garden, blood on his twill pants, shirt torn, hair tussled, and the copy says with vindictiveness, “nighty-night powerbook key-banger.”

  4. Torbjörn Larsson says

    “I only browse and read in bed”

    Oh, so you are at least feeling your way around.

  5. SEF says

    If you’re distressed at the idea …

    It’s a bit late for that! You’d already threatened us with the suggestion you should get a leather/rubber suit (to compete with someone or other) and then you went and exposed naked (and somewhat hairy) breast flesh at us. As you previously said yourself, you might well look better with a transparent surface and your innards showing instead. But then the Body Worlds exhibition effectively already tried that (and you might prefer to stay alive to operate your laptop).

  6. jb says

    How could anyone use a laptop in bed without it burning a hole in your crotch? Even without catching fire, those suckers are hot. I’ll pass, thank you…

  7. Stephen Erickson says

    Apparently they sell pads for laptops that help prevent male infertility.

    FWIW I like to keep the conjugal bedroom a TV- and computer-free zone. YMMV