1. TheBrummell says

    I need more Rowan Atkinson in my life. If John Cleese is the Comic Messiah, then Rowan Atkinson is the new Prophet, who will rise amoung the people of the desert and lead them to victory. Also, Baldric can come too.

  2. says

    If Baldric is coming, do you think we could drag Hugh Laurie away from “House” in the process? Wot? How shall we f*ck off, O Lord?

  3. Ian H Spedding says

    As an expatriate from the Land of Python, I also have to say I am deeply offended by Hollywood’s treatment of the canon.

    The Passion Of Christ – an abomination committed by erstwhile Antipodean, Mel Gibson – was clearly an outrageous caricature of our beloved Life Of Brian, the ultimate blasphemy being the omission from the end of Psalm 666 in praise of atheism, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

    As for Snakes On A Plane, could there be a more obvious parody of Monty Python’s Flying Circus?

  4. Torbjörn Larsson says

    Well, that was the full monty.

    BITW, I note that the Comic Messias is more parsimonious than the Cosmic Messias, while as the prophet explained having fully as much observable Spanish Inquisition. So it is the way to go, if one want to go these silly walks.

  5. says

    It was indeed Not the Nine O’Clock News. I remember it well. The woman interviewer is Pamela Stephenson, now married to Billy Connolly (who when he is in full flight is easily the funniest guy on the planet), whose biography she recently published. Pamela, an Australian, is now a clinical psychologist.

  6. gregonomic says

    Pamela, an Australian…

    Next you’ll be trying to tell me that Crowded House and pavlova are Australian too.

  7. George says

    That was nice.

    Now for some Black Adder on You Tube (must get Vox Day and Co. out of my head).