1. says

    Harrison also shares a writing credit with David Bromberg on the song “The Hold Up.”

    Stick up your hands, you must stand and deliver,
    My stomach’s empty, my clothes are all torn.
    Open your hearts to the joys of the giver,
    All of your pockets are terribly worn.

    This is a holdup, no way to mistake it,
    We’re men of violence so don’t fool around.
    If you have money, we’re going to take it,
    you’ll try and stop us, you’ll end underground.

    (chorus: )
    When we have your money, we’ll ride towards the sunset.
    At Rosa’s canteen we’ll stop at the door.
    We’ll spend all your money just getting the nose wet,
    Tomorrow evening we’ll be back for more.

    So hand us the money, don’t stand there and shiver,
    Tax time is coming, give alms to the poor.
    Or I´ll put a bullet right through your best liver,
    Wealth is disease and I am the cure. …

  2. Joe says

    I’ve got the entire Rutland Weekend Television special that this came from somewhere… Do I win?

  3. G. Tingey says

    RWT and Monty Python were that last gasps of the truly zany insanity that enlivened that time…
    All gorn nah, sob …..

  4. says

    G. Tingey — Neil Innes is still going strong, and there was a recent Bonzos reunion. (Admittedly without Viv, being dead and all, but people like Stephen Fry augmented the cast.)

  5. darkymac says

    The announcement about N&de Religion at the end of the clip was really why the prof. put this up, I bet.

    NOTE: & = u and I regret that I’m going to be commenting no more. What kind of a spam filter rejects N&de fer chrissake and why should I fuss to say something so inconsequential.
    No offense to the good professor intended here. I shall remain a reader.

    Thankyou Mr Tweedly

  6. jujuquisp says

    Just john—i smell a lawsuit in those remarks. Chiffon makes me have loose stools.