Carnivalia, and an open thread

While I’m announcing a few carnivals, I’ll remind all of you readers in West Central Minnesota that there will be a Drinking Liberally tonight at 6:00, in Old #1 on Atlantic Avenue in Morris.

Otherwise, for those of you trapped in the virtual world…


  1. says

    Open thread…okay, well, over at my blog, I snark about a recent flap in which right-wing Christians are blowing a gasket because a new Christian film has been hit with the dreaded … gasp!… PG rating!

  2. James Wynne says

    From the “Apropos of Nothing” file:

    The Seed Magazine sidebar just caught my eye, and in particular a link entitled, Why a Large Hadron Collider? I can’t begin to describe the mental images that were thus evoked, which ended abruptly when I realized that my brain had somehow transposed the “d” and the “r” in “Hadron.”

    Then I saw the next link: How do Brains Filter Data?
    I know how mine does, thank you. This somehow brings to mind the old definition of “intellectual”: A person who can hear the William Tell Overture without thinking of the Lone Ranger.