Cephalopod madness

Some days, I just have to get the cephalopod obsession out of my system with a quick purge of links from the mailbag.


Robot tentacles (via Amygdala)


Squid guts ice cream


Japanese manhole covers


Ancient octopus cartoon (via Holbo)


Octopus T-shirts


It Came from Beneath the Sea

i-45553c32ae9c6c510a42972dc4bd34a5-squidallthegirls.jpgCephalopods get all the girls


  1. pough says

    I was going to recommend you visit Hakodate some time. I was there a month ago with my girlfriend. Not only do they have an awesome hotel with in-room onsen (hot spring bath), it’s a cool little port city with amazing seafood. Oh, and their official city mascot is a cephalopod, so there’s cephalopod imagery, art and toys all over the place.

  2. says

    My father-in-law helped design the Talon robots :) He’s not too keen about their almost-exclusively military use (in fact, a lot of the people in his company have left because of the weaponization of the Talon) but still, I get a little thrill every time I see them mentioned in the media.

  3. polliwog says

    It Came From beneath the Sea. My favorite horror flick, when I was a kid. What a great scare!.