July 7 is Tentacle Day


Johnny Depp sure is cute, but the fellow I’m swooning over in the Pirates of the Caribbean trailer is Davy Jones. He can play the organ with his face! (And that is a provocative sentence…)

I’m also impressed that he can summon up the Kraken. It’s like this whole movie is stuffed full of tentacles—I’m going to be there opening day, I think.



  1. aiabx says

    Aren’t you afraid it’s going to be another Ski School? Lots of provocative body parts in the trailers, but a lousy movie when you get in the theatre. Especially now that Keef won’t be playing Johnny Depp’s father.

  2. Chet says

    …where, by “opening day” in Morris, you mean “three months after it opens nationally.”

  3. HP says

    Bah! Tentacle Day is just another corporatist construct designed to separate consumers from their hard-earned cash. “Happy Tentacle Day” cards. The “FTD Tentacle Bouquet.” The big Tentacle Day White Sale at Elder-Beerman’s. Oooh! “Make reservations now for your Tentacle Day dinner at Red Lobster.” I wouldn’t be surprised if Tentacle Day were simply invented out of whole cloth in some Hallmark Cards boardroom.

    Personally, I intend to spend Tectacle Day like I spend every other day: replacing my worn denticles, delivering sperm packets, and dismembering crabs.

    Tentacle Day is for suckers.

  4. Apikoros says

    Here we are, only 3 comments into the sacred Tentacle Day observances, and already HP (oh, the irony of those initials) and his fellow left-wing secularists are prosecuting their War on Tentacle Day.

    Well, I won’t let the left’s anti-Cthulhuist vitriol spoil MY Tentacle Day. I will celebrate in my home, with my family gathered around to festoon the Tentacle Tree in calamari and nori. I will celebrate in public, attend the aquarium, take in this inspirational picture and then dine proudly at the Red Lobster.

    And Woe to any sales clerk who smiles at ME and says “Ocean’s greetings.”