Devonian Blues


Lots of people have sent me links to this—thanks, all!—and it’s the perfect thing to lift me out of the finals week blahs, and it’s also just in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday: The Devonian Blues.

Every single girl and every little boy
Was born from the clan of the wayward Dipnoi
Don’t let the preacher man spoil all the fun
Took a lot more than 6 days to get the job done
Amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and man
All belong to the fish tribe, doncha’ understand?

Your momma was a lobefinned fish
My momma was a lobefinned fish

Sing along, everyone!


  1. Pseudo-Buddhaodiscordo-Pastafarian says

    Well, THAT was cool. Any more where that came from?

  2. Carlie says

    Chris Mooney at and Carl Zimmer at posted extensively on the dodos movie awhile back.