A quick one

We’re still on the road here—we’ve ducked into a place in Eau Claire for dinner, and it has free Wi-Fi!—and while sucking in the pile of email waiting for me, I see that our prom photos have arrived. Here’s me and Mary at the Geek Prom.


Yeah, she does look better than the octopus woman from yesterday, even with the deficiency of limbs.


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    Hey PZ, did your son ever take a class from Ralph Seelke? If so, all I can say is, “sorry”. I heard him give a 30-minute talk last night, and an entire semester of that dude would be excruciating.

    As bad as he was, though, Paul Nelson was more annoying. Take a look at that link for one of the more bizarre creationist claims I’ve heard, and also for Nelson telling me “no comment” in response to a question. Quite a guy, he was.

    I hope your trip to Wisconsin went well, and safely.

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    Yes, she is much better than your octopus. Regarding my misogynist posts yesterday, I didn’t realize that you had some kind of Troy McClure type of fetish:)
    As for this picture, I didn’t know that it was impossible for someone to actually be to the left of you.