I really want to go to Drinking Liberally tonight—I even said I would go.

It is, however, the end of the term, and there is a horrific pile of grading sitting on my desk. It’s the classic dilemma of having to choose between fun and beer and interesting people vs. obligations and responsibility and work.

So I took a look at the pile and carved out a harshly large chunk of it, and I have set myself a goal: if I can get that scary looking subset of it done in time, I’ll take off for Minneapolis. If I can’t, I’m going to stay here and make lots of furious little red marks instead. I think I can do it, but it isn’t going to be easy…so excuse me if I ignore this little corner of the intarwebs for a while.

If anyone knows any fairy godmothers with a little free time, send ’em my way, OK?


  1. HPLC_Sean says

    Although I’m sure you’ll try hard not to let it bias you, I’d sure hate to have my exam under your red marker during the normally alloted drinking time.

  2. quork says

    There must be a win-win compromise. You could take those exams and some extra red markers with you, and ask those drunken liberals to help you grade a few papers.

  3. Torbjörn Larsson says

    Umm, pubs are usually stuffed with hairy good mothers with a little free time.

    Oh, *fairy godmothers*. Nope, they don’t visit us atheists. You have to rely on beer spill to cover up any fudged gradings.

  4. says

    Just let us know if you’re going to make it. I might show up to meet you, but Kos? He’s just too… moderate.

  5. Joanna says

    Well, I hope you finish, because I’m going to DL to meet you, not that Kos guy!

  6. Marine Geologist says

    PZ,IIRC in one of the Michener novels there was a line that went something like “If wine and your job interfere, quit your job.” My free advice :-Q

  7. says

    Miguelito took my comment: give them B’s and go drinking! I’ve always wanted to go to a Drinking Liberally but I have yet to make it. One of these days. Tonight I have to write a paper to hand in tomorrow. I know of no easy solution to that.

    PS – comment volume is way down since you implemented TypeKey, no? I use it on my blog too and I get zero spam but no one comments on my blog anyway.

  8. says

    I have my last exam of the entire degree in 4 hours and 40 minutes. The only reason I’m posting here is that I can’t sleep.

    I think Michael’s right – I don’t know about other commenters, but I can tell you that I find the TypeKey sign in very inconvenient, and have skipped commenting a few times because of it.

  9. wcomer0 says

    Took about three tries to get signed in. And yes is is more of a hassle to comment. I don’t see why the trolls couln’t sign in with typeKey.

  10. says

    I don’t think it’s about the trolls – PZ talked about spam, not trolling. Trolls can sign in and post just like before, but Texas Hold’em bots can’t.

  11. todd. says

    “Do you think we’ll get our exams back today?”

    “Nah, I checked Myers’ blog. He graded like half of them and then bailed to go drinking with some guy named Kos.”