1. Fred J says

    I was going to say:

    Hey PZ, it is now 7pm. I bet you are smiling now and your eyes are crossed a little bit.

    But this typekey delayed me until now. 7:39
    Typekey must be overloaded, what we gona do? I can see how someone without a lot of time would just give up.


  2. Carlie says

    I’ll just sit here at home in the corner, grading finals and gnashing my teeth at how many students seem to think that Homo sapiens evolved in Africa. No, no, don’t mind me…. (sniff)

  3. Carlie says

    …and of course I meant “evolved in Europe instead of Africa”. Sheesh, one would think that I’ve been the one drinking it up!

  4. says

    Well, in honor of this prestigious event, I went and had some after-work beers with some left-leaning friends here in the Great NW. The problem arose in riding my bike home well lubed on beers brewed with matchless NW hops: I totally wiped out cowboy-style on some parallel tram-tracks, and sent my shit sprawling in 100 directions. It turned out to be a good, humbling experience, and, judging by their collective gut-laughing, the folks in witness seemed to enjoy it immensely. The sun was shining and there was minimal bloodshed, so I put it in the “win” column. Jeebus, I love Portland.

  5. bernarda says

    Nunc est bibendum, nunc pede libero pulsanda tellus

    Often just the first part is used,

    Nunc est bibendum

    From the Odes of Horace

  6. idlemind says

    So at meetups like this, how do you address pseudonymous bloggers like Dr. B? Back when Duncan Black was still pseudonymous he made a few appearances as “Atrios.” That might not work as well in this case.