1. says

    Shame the beer’s bad, but I think boozy opportunites for science education should be more thoroughly exploited.
    Only last night, four pints of Starr Hill Mojo gave me some vivid insights into Shifting Balance Theory.

  2. SteveyD says

    I actually have an empty bottle of this right next to me. I don’t drink beer that often, but when there’s one that’s Darwin approved, how could I not?

  3. Patrick Taylor says

    “It is the dawn of time. This earth we know so well is a smoldering, inhospitable place. No plants grow, no creature can survive. The hard, uncrackable rocks that form our mountain ranges are being crushed and folded by forces that will take millions of years to shape. These are the forces! This is the power that drives the hand that drinks ‘Evolution’, the mighty ale, with the world’s first great taste of fish!”