1. says

    Owww… my heart hurts. Jeez, PZ, thanks for the buzz kill.

    (off to hug my junior-subscribers-to-the-social-contract)

  2. Kapitano says

    Maybe this means Dubya has turned into a pinko lib’ral antiwar bleeding heart? I wonder if he knows Lennon was a non-american , non-christian pacifist.

    I reckon Dubya should sing duets with Berlusconi.

  3. Rocky says

    Nice video of a sad, unscrupulous leader. I believe history will be very unkind to George Dubya.

  4. Chris says

    I heard “Imagine”- the real one- on the radio driving home today. What a counterpoint. It just hurts that Lennon is dead and Bush is not only alive but President.