Comment problems?

I just got hit by a major wave of comment spam, and it took me while to puzzle out all the tools available in this MT system to purge them. I’m tinkering a little bit with comment settings to try and prevent it from happening again (tip: don’t put lots of links in comments, because they will get held up for my approval before posting), and I’ve clicked a few checkboxes in the settings on. If things get freaky and it doesn’t let you comment, send me an email and I’ll try to fix it.


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    Even using Blogger, I got a wave of comment spam last night and this morning as well. I ended up having a little fun with the spammer by slapping down the altie website that sent it.

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    I got hit too, although the spam filtering seemed to have caught some of it. I’m hoping I don’t have to turn comment moderation on…

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    I cannot comment from Firefox, but can do it from the hated IE. The same problem I still have on Dr.Free-ride, Grrlscientist and Cognitive Daily.

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    i was hit too, and was thinking of posting a message on my blog to the spammers, taunting them because the spam-guard here has been doing its job: not a single spam got through! muahahaha!

    i also have no problems whatsoever posting using OS 10.4.4 and the minimalistic browser, safari (for the record, my favorite browser is firefox, so don’t hate me).

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    The only difference I noticed is that, as of today, when I click on the comments link the page opens to the input box, rather than the top of the comments thread.

    Coturnix: I have no problem posting comments from Firefox. Check your security settings — do you have Javascript disabled? (The comments box uses Javascript.)

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    No, javascript is fine. Also, I have no problem with commenting on other 10 or so blogs here. Tara made some kind of switch that made it possible to comment in FF again.