Photo blackmail material

When she’s not making up stories about me, I’ve dragged Grrlscientist out to do some traditional midwestern things…like bowling. She has an interesting style—the fling-and-butt-flop, caught here on camera.


You can see the position of the ball. It doesn’t look like a strike to me.

I do have more photos.


  1. says

    You mean that game where I screwed up thoroughly, and you still only beat me by one point?

    I haven’t bowled in about two years, and I was never very good at it even then.

  2. says

    Hahaha, it’s a war of photos! C’mon and show us more candid pics. And, it seems that the ball is headed to the left gutter (assuming Grrl is a right-hander).

  3. says

    And, it seems that the ball is headed to the left gutter (assuming Grrl is a right-hander).

    Yup, so next time, Grrl, stand farther to the left and you’ll unconsciously put more of a spin to the right on the ball. Unless, of course, your throws are all over the lane, in which case just hope there’s no camera next time.

  4. FishyFred says

    The last time I went bowling, I bowled one game where I averaged more than one gutter ball per frame. The next game, I managed to bowl eight straight gutter balls. It may have even been nine straight.

  5. says

    even though the soles were too thin, i loved those bowling shoes, MNObserver; they were so delightfully colorful!

    PZ would be jealous of you, FishyFred, you are truly inspirational. at first, after watching PZ, i thought that gutter balls were the primary goal of the game.

    incidentally, thanks for your advice on how to beat the gutter, but i am not sure that i will ever get the chance to go bowling again. i return to the big apple tomorrow. i don’t think they have bowling alleys in NYC, do they?

  6. says

    OT, but somebody should tell the folks at Wampum to change all of the URLs of SB blogs in the Koufax Awards list of semi-finalists…

  7. Christopher says

    The main thing I remember about bowling is not to run so far forward you step into the lane. It’s slippery.